The Chain of Command (Chein o Comando) is a weapon crafted by a famous weaponsmith. It is a submission by Cyberweasel89 for Naruto2's weapon contest and is now Leon's weapon.


  • Name: Chain of Command
  • Weapon Type: Spiked Chain
  • Weapon Category: Chain
  • Combat Type: Melee
  • Damage Type: Piercing
  • Range Type: Long range melee
  • Forger:
  • Wielder:Leon Dorogon


The Chain of Command is a long chain with a metal spike on either end. The user attacks by throwing the chain so that the spike stabs into the opponent. However, the user is able to manipulate the chain's path by channeling their chakra into it, ensuring that the spike does not miss the mark, as well as allowing the chain to travel farther.



The chain's spike serves as the primary means of attack. The end of the chain is thrown so that the spike stabs into the opponent. The chain is wrapped around the forearms of the user, who unwraps it from one forearm to fight with. If the user needs more length, they can unwrap it from their other forearm as well.


By channeling chakra into the chain, the user is able to manipulate it, allowing them to control the path of the chain when it is thrown through the air. Channeling chakra into the chain can also make it stronger, allowing the spike on the end to puncture through metal and for the chain to be near indestructible.


  • Bring Her In: After the spike stabs into an enemy and sticks, the user can pull the chain in to bring the enemy closer. When the enemy is close, the user can attack them with the other end of the chain. However, it might be difficult to pull stronger or heavier enemies in.
  • Round The World: When the spike stabs into an opponent, rather than pulling it out, the user can instead begin swinging the enemy around on the chain. When the spike pulls out, the enemy is launched through the air.
  • Shackled Prisoner: With a mighty swing of the chain, the user can completely wrap an enemy up in it, restraining them.
  • Chain Mail Armor: The user can completely wrap themself in his chain, granting them very powerful armor. It has trouble blocking direct physical impact-based attacks, but can easily deflect projectiles and bladed weapons. Energy-based attacks are also not very effective on the chain armor.


  • The weapon's name is a pun on the "chain of command", a system used in the U.S. military. It also refers to the way the chain can be controlled, or "commanded", with chakra.

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