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Chakra-Flow Chokuto
Riyan, Part X
Kanji 力流れ直刀
Rōmaji Chakra-Nagare Chokuto
Literal English Chakra-Flow Straight Sword
Classification Weapon, Kenjutsu, Sword
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range Short-range
Chakra Flow Chokuto

The new katana form of Riyan's sword.

In Part VI, Riyan's katana is replaced with this chokuto. It, as the name suggests, is a straight sword with a very sharp blade, no guard, and a black, thin, hilt.

The special trait of this sword is that it resonates with Riyan's chakra natures. He can channel his wind nature through it to make it cut through virtually anything. The same can be done by running his Chidori through the blade, in a similar manner to the way Sasuke does with his sword. When done in this manner, he can numb any opponent he cuts. He can also run his fire chakra through the blade to heat the blade up to use for various techniques.

He has also been shown to coat the blade with the black flames of Amaterasu for use in his Blaze Release techniques with no ill effects to the sword itself.

The sword is also shown to be highly durable, as it can withstand massive damage without snapping.

After he returns to the Land of Mountains, the chokuto becomes a long katana with a golden hand guard, and a black and gold plated handle.

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