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Chakra Archery Technique
Chakra Arrow Technique
Kanji チャクラのアーチェリー技術
Rōmaji Chakura no A-chieri Gijutsu
Classification Hiden
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Long-range
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Chakra Archery Technique: Arrow Guidance, Chakra Archery Technique: Dual Arrows, Chakra Archery Technique: Arrow Shower, Chakra Archery Technique: Pin, Chakra Archery Technique: Needles

The Chakra Archery Technique is the hiden technique of the Kizoku Clan of Kokorogakure. Using their special bows, members of the Kizoku Clan channel their chakra into the bows and form an arrow made of chakra. The bows then emit an aura of light signifying that energy has been stored into the bow, the more energy stored into the bow the stronger the force of the chakra arrow will be upon launch. The Kizoku clansmen will then fire the chakra arrow which will then soar through the air towards the it's target. Younger more inexperienced members of the Kizoku Clan do not have access to the derived techniques of the jutsu as they all require a decent amount of chakra control to use. When a chakra arrow is fired from this technique alone, the arrow can not be directed.


  • This technique was inspired by the Quincy of Bleach.

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