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  • Name: Chakra Grip
    • Other names: Chakra Crush
  • Element: none
  • Rank: B
  • Range: Short
  • Type: Offensive
  • Classification: Ninjutsu
  • Hand Seals: Tiger
  • Users: Ryun Uchiha (only)

A crushing application of chakra, Chakra Grip is used to levitate and strangle a target's internal organs. However, the primary purpose was to immobilize or control a target's movement and choking the target to death could be secondary. The target could be seized with great strength and subsequently lifted off their feet and suspended in the air by a powerful user.

Ryun seems to use this jutsu to crush the throat or windpipe of his victim. He is quite capable of lifting the intended target off the ground and moving them through the air. Also, the user was not limited to merely strangling their prey, but could crush organs or bones, or even the entire body, (although this is commonly called Chakra Crush). Those most experienced with Chakra Grip needed only a live visual of their victim in order to perform the technique.

If one could not escape the sight of a Grip-user, the next best method was to disrupt the user's concentration. Skilled Ninja could commonly do this by simply pushing their enemy with chakra or ki, and others were known to have broken a Grip by hitting the user with a weapon. These solutions were both limited, however; those most powerful in the use of the technique, like Ryun, could maintain concentration during a chakra push or ki push, and even more could control the Grip so well that the choked target would not be able to even draw his or her weapon. A skilled user would not restrict himself to the grip its self to subdue opponents, some would take the opportunity to simultaneously move an opponent over a fall, slam him into a wall, then follow with an attack.

Chakra Crush

It was possibly the darkest ability known to Ninja. This deadly ability lifted the opponent into the air, and as he/she was floating, his/her body literally imploded as it was crushed by chakra.

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