Chakra Manipulation: Chakra Extension Blade/Edge

This jutsu is similar as samurais in the Land/Country of Iron using their chakra to increase their swords' edge length, when they was trying to take Sasuke and his group down. But this jutsu is also different as it can be used on ANY weapon by coating it with the user's chakra (like the samurais,in Land of Iron), but the user can aim his/her weapon(s) at the target and quickly pump more chakra onto his/her weapon, increasing chakra extension (for better picture, think how Gin ,from Bleach show, aim his sword and its length quickly increase at Gin's target to pierce through him/her/thing) to deal blunt damage (even with the pointy and sharp weapon like swords) to the target, and if the target wearing a heavy armor, he/she would be in more pain than lighter armored  (light clothing, leathers, etc.) target, though they could suffer from broken bone(s)

Requirement and Risk:

Like other Shihai-Gamen Chakra Manipulation techniques, the users MUST have extremely well-defined/perfect chakra control and high chakra capacity/reserve (recommended). The risk, if the user running low on his/her chakra and attempt to use this jutsu, his/her body will suffer numbness and paralysis. (Bewarn as being numb/paralysis in battle against an enemies, even they're ninjas, is still not good idea as you could end up dead or capture for information.)

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