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Name: Chaos Lance

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Rank: S-Rank

User: Houji Uge

As a master of both Physical and Elemental composition Houji Uge has been able to combine them to be the second ninja in the history of the world to do so. (Naruto and the Rasen Shuriken). And with his double attunement to the two most destuctive elements, Fire and Lightning, Houji has created a new Jutsu: Chaos Lance!

Starting with a basic rotation on the center of both palms Houji initiates the Physicla composition. Bringing his hands together and then apart he spreads the chakra across to form a spear of chakra. Then while maintaining this Physical comp, he then adds fire and then Lightning to make the mighty jutsu complete. The chaos lance then propells away from Houji and towards his target at unbelievable speed. As this projectile of blazing fire and crackling lightning steaks through the air it completely obliterates all in its path in a radius of 4feet. It even eats the air it passes through.

Therefore this jutsu could completely destroy over half a full grown man.This jutsu's major defect is the amount of time it takes to perform, as well as extreme chakra cost. It take about 6 precious seconds to cast this ultimate jutsu.

And it also requires Houji to have his Bloodline Doujutsu, Kagan active to reach enough power to perform the Chaos Lance.

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