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Naruto character

Age 21
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male
Current Affiliation Kabegakure
Kekkei Genkai n/a
Current Location Guardians HQ
Village of Origin Kabegakure
Rank Higher Member

Personal Information

Char is a very enthusiastic person. He is, as his name tells, a blonde. But he always says he's not, but he is. He is like a brother to Scarr Eromalc, Kev Kenned, and Nic Kenned. He is very active and popular among the Guardians members. Scarr asks him constantly about how he knew so many people. He then answers "Because I'm just cool like that." His parents just recently divorced. Him, his mother, and his two brothers are coincedently moving closer to the Eromalc estate. His two brothers formerly mentioned are Zec and Sukebo, who are 3 years younger and 4 years older than Char. Char loves his hair, but doesn't brag about it. When he isn't out doing Guardians business, he likes to hang out with his friends and do whatever they feel like. And since he is friends with Scarr and Ean Eromalc, he gets privileges that a higher member doesn't usually get. Char is not that much of a trouble-maker. He uses all elements, and he uses a two sided staff with a light and dark side. Char is not in the Futago universe. He likes to be called Charlay because Char makes him sound like a caveman. He is also in training for the Medics.


and much more.


Char is avery skilled chakra-manipulator. He knows lots of jutsu, but it takes him at least a week for him to learn a new one. Char can beat down(not literally) an opponent in 10 min. The reason Char is in such a low rank is because the tests for Lieutenant are 2 months away, so he is training right now for the exams.


Char is a blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. His usual uniform is a black shirt and jacket with blue pants and black shoes. He is not goth. He is partially strawberry blonde.

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