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Cheng Zhong (ディートハルト・リート, Zhong Cheng), 31 years old, is the head of information, espionage, and public relations for The Order of the Yasuragindou. A graduate of the Imperial Kagegakure University's Faculty of Law, Cheng is a former producer and member of the press staff at a Shadow Empire television station. Following the appearance of Annon and the announcement of his goals, Cheng joins the Yasuragindou Knights, wishing to witness and document Annon's campaign to overthrow Aizen. Like Suki Kozuki, he shows fierce loyalty to Annon, whom he views as his source of inspiration.

Cheng has proven himself to be highly perceptive, easily picking up on the likely outcomes of Annon's plans. He recognizes immediately that Annon is responsible for the destruction of the Shadow Liberation Front's tanker ship, a fact which Annon never made the organization aware of. When Suki wonders if he can be trusted, Suzaku replies that Cheng is dedicated to making Annon a god, which makes him predictable and thus easy to control.

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