Tyranno the Earth crystal


Ground quartz Tyranno






Genetic Mix

Home country

Land of Demons (presumed)

Kekkei Genkai

18px-Nature_Icon_Crystal.svg.png Crystal Release



Unique Traits
  • Massive amounts of Elemental Chakra
  • Ability to grow Crystals


Chi or Tyranno the Earth Crystal was the first Elemental Beast created by Ayame Natsumi.


After Ayame created the elemental spirits she begin looking fo sutiable host that could house the spirits. After deciding that she find a sutiable being she choose to create one herself. She gathered animals from around the land to use in the creation.

Using the Chimera Technique that she learned from kabuto she begin merging the beast. After days past she finally created her beast a giant 7 foot tall tyranno, she soon being sealing the elemental spirit Chi into it. Finishing the final part of the sealing the beast flesh turned to stone adn crystals begin growing from it. Moments later it went berserk injuring her knowing that she had little chakra left she begin creating a curse mark to seal the beast. Using the last of her charka she placed the Elemental Curse Mark of Earth on it cause it to come under her control.

syphoning off some of the beasts chakra using the yang release she begin to heal her body little by little. After 2 days her body was full healed knowing that her creations could be deadly even to her she being creating Elemental Seals for the other beasts as well.


Being a creature that is half elemental chakra. Chi is able to use the Crystal Release Kekki Genkei it is unknown what gave it the ability. Ayame thinks it's becasue of the amount of elemental chakra it possese along with its physical makeup.


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