Chishio Heki

Naruto OC Chishio heki
Age 13
Blood type AB
Birthdate May 19
Height/Weight 5 feet, 4 inches/ 134 lbs
Gender Male
Affiliation Kirigakure
Village of Origin Kirigakure
Rank Genin
Occupation Shinobi
Relatives Ame (sister)

Heki is a Genin of Kirigakure and mainly a Taijutsu user. He is part of a fan-based RP about the Naruto Universe.


Heki was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His family were a group of traders who moved from place to place, and he was giving pretty much whatever he wanted. His mother a kind hearted soul did not want her son to end up like her greedy husband, and sent Heki off to live with her brother in the Water country. From that point on Heki was raised by his uncle. Looking to give the boy the only thing he could, his uncle taught him the first part of their families taijutsu style. Heki had spent the next ten years of his life training in the basics and finally learned the first form: Tiger.

His uncle soon sent him to the Kiri shinobi academy, fully confident in the boys abilities that he would pass. Heki did pass, but didn't bother to learn many ninjutsu, for he relied on his taijutsu so much, a flaw that he in tiume would need to remedy. Upon graduating his uncle gave him a large jaket of sorts that was passed down from father to son. This symbolized Heki's journey into manhood, and succsess in becoming a Genin.He also gave him 4 scrolls containg the rest of his families Taijutsu forms for when he grew older.

Heki was soon put on a genin squad with two other girls, Michiyo Harue the dual kodachi mistress and Chiccai Sakana the little fish of Kiri. They were sent to the Mizukage's office to mee their Jounin squad leader and come to find him known only as Rei-sensi. The team was soon tested on their abilities and assigned to a 2-way battle royal. All three proved their skills and the test was soon ended after the injury of two of the squad mates.


Chishio family taijutsu

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