Direct Effects: Is a naruto-verse version of Chinese Kenpo, or 5 animal styles. He will devlop each part of the style throughout his story. Has only learned tiger at the moment from his uncle.

Tiger: Strengthens the bones. Relies on frontal assault, aggression, and linear power. Lots of breaking, ripping and tearing.

Crane: Exercises flexibility. Prefers to work at a distance from the opponent and at angles off-line from its attacks. Requires great flexibility for its attacking and evasion techniques. The Crane has excellent balance and graceful movements. It has strong wings and uses them often and effectively with great speed.

Lepoard: Trains for muscle strength. More precise than the tiger. Relies on great muscular strength, speed, and agility. The leopard employs many crushing and internal strikes with hands. Most of the damage is created from close-range. Its countering moves are both angular and linear.

Dragon: Trains the spirit. Uses simple, basic techniques with a challenging strategy of movement complimentary to the opponent's. The dragon stregthens ones base of Chakra, while also stregthening the organs and increaseing ones blood flow.

Snake: Develops chakra. The snake strikes to vital points, mainly the eyes, throat and other soft-tissue targets with lightning speed. The snake also utilizes trapping and seizing movements. Joint manipulation locks are exercised extensively.

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