Wolf Guardian

To-remuItalic text

Once a noble village clan, betrayed by the Hyuga clan, they were cast away on an island.

On their island they learned many things form the tribe Kin and addapted their techniques. Now each clan member is assigned a spirit guardian, and each were made a small tiki/totem(figurine) of their animal.

Each clan member is trained to focus His/Her energy into the tiki to store for later use the ammount dependant on the spirit guardian and the stamina of the user. The stored Chakra can later be used for jutsu and summonings. If said Figurine is destroyed the chakra then escapes and disappears. If the user is skilled enough they can then trap the chakra into another figurine that is ready.

Users of this technique need to be chosen by their spirit guardian. Their chakra nature instantly changes to the respective type of the spirit guardian.

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