This article, Combat Sense, is property of Haru Mclean Namikaze.

Name: Combat Sense

Rank: N/A

Type: Kekkei Genkai

Element: All

Users: The leading clans of Futago

Description: It is a rare type of kekkei genkai, it is not dojutsu,though it does change the eyes.It is the 2nd stage of all the kekkei genkai of the council.You are able to sense movements,chakra formation.It uses no hand seals and takes no chakra,it is a sixth sense.It is a combination of all kekkei genkai of the council and itself. It is activated all the time. It can only be learned after 7 years of training with only the kekkei genkai. Once the combat Sense is activated, you cannot deactivate it.So it would be Teishugan + Combats sense, or Elemental Forms + Combat Sense, or Elemental Forms + Combat Sense, or Nijigan + Combat Sense. It can see through anything. It gives you the instinct of battle.

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