Hello people, this is the discussion page for the follow-up RP for The Great Ninja World War Roleplay. Below are the participant listings, the rules, and the basic idea of the storyline. For questions, go to the talk page.


This RP is a follow-up in the fact that it's about the consequences of killing the most powerful and hated person on the planet. A giant monster forms out of the different emotions and power felt and released respectively at the site of Seireitou's death. This has to be combated by all of the characters and be stopped before he kills all of mankind. No pressure.


Just put your character's name and your un-timed signature (three ~'s) next to the character's name. A maximum of three is allowed!


  • As mentioned above, a maximum of three and a minimum of one characters may be controlled in the RP at one time.
  • No arguing about the results of fights or the logical outcome. Just swallow your pride, and get over it. This is just to keep the talk page tidy and rant-less.
  • No godmodding please! Some characters that are considered godmods are allowed, but their full abilities may only be accessed when they are given the green light.
  • Besides that, all other regular RP rules apply. Oh, and a courtesy for others out there, wait a bit for others' responses before posting, it would be better to let others get a crack at the RP and it would also minimize editing conflicts.


The RP will start when we have a certain number of people, which I think has already been met. I guess it will start a week from now, so get others to sign up.

Remember, that's the 15th!

Also, I'll periodically post the basic story progression on the talk page so you know what would happen if this were a full blown story, not an RP. You gotta have guidelines, y'know.

And finally, I've decided that all characters are welcome, no matter power level, race, or even style.

03:15, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

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