This page is about the fan couplings in the anime Naruto.Evidence in the anime is shown along with speculations. It is important to note that the Naruto Fanon Wiki does not endorse any of these pairings.Please fell free to edit any of the couplings.Any unacceptable content will be deleted.

  • Naruto and Hinata(Naruhina)
  • Sasuke and Sakura(Sasusaku)
  • Neji and Tenten(Nejiten)
  • Shikamaru and Temari(Shikatema)
  • Naruto and Sakura(Narusaku)
  • Sai and Ino(Saino)
  • Shikamaru and Ino(Shikaino)
  • Lee and Sakura(Leesaku)
  • Lee and Tenten(Leeten)
  • Kiba and Hinata(Kibahina)
  • Chouji and Ino(Chouino)

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