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Crossed Swords is a special forces unit directed by Kumogakure. Although they are under the watchful eye of the village, C.S. has the authority to act independently. The purpose of the group is to defend national security against severe threats of the large-scale nature. Initially, they are seen as antagonists, as they are unhesitant and ruthless in completion of their objective. However, as they progress, they become uneasy deuteragonists, assisting other villages in order to preserve the national peace. As such, their reputation is widespread, both to their enemies and their allies.


C.S. is split into two parts. The first faction, known as the Spearhead, is directed by group head Soujiro Chiba. The secondary faction, known as the Strong Arm, is led by Captain Yuusuke Saruwatari.

Name of Member Team Position in C.S. Personal Goal Reason for Joining
Shoujiro Chiba Spearhead Mission Briefer/Status Monitor Unknown Was chosen by Kumogakure and appointed as team leader.
Yuusuke Saruwatari Strong Arm Frontline Commander Knowledge Curious of the ways of the shinobi world, particularly Akatsuki.
Shigure Yoshikuni Spearhead Point Man Protection Family was killed in an enemy attack. Wished to join C.S. in order to protect his remaining loved ones.
Masato Saruwatari Spearhead Team Veteran Recognition Wanted to seek recognition from his higher-ups.
Mirikuto Arichikuruku Strong Arm Forensics/Technical Specialist Enjoyment Tired of living a regular life as a villager, and gained a respect for C.S.'s members after a duel with one of them.
Yang Lea Fung Strong Arm Point Man Unknown Was appointed and recruited by Soujiro due to his extreme loyalty to Kumogakure.
Atsuko Ajibana Spearhead Medic Unknown Was appointed and recruited by Soujiro. )

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