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Naruto: Crowning of Dawn (夜明けの万善, Yoake no Manzen) is a site-wide roleplay project that takes place within the Naruto universe. Set as a fanon continuation of the canon storyline, the story takes place fifty years after Boruto and is a direct sequel following the manga's continuity. Crowning of Dawn (abbreviated CoD) is the official name for the Naruto Fanon's current Fanon Canon project.



Fifty years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, the world finally seems to be at peace. Boruto Uzumaki has become the leader of the Shinobi Union, encouraging greater communication and collaboration between the various nations. Sarada Uchiha has been Hokage for several years, and Konoha has done well under her guidance. But there remain seeds of discontent. Most people haven’t seen battle in a long time, and with the increasing idleness brought by living for more than mere survival, they have begun to turn to the religion of Kurozome in hopes of finding more meaning to their existence. But Kurozome has a dark underbelly: Black Crown, an extremist faction of the religion whose goal is to resurrect the Shinju as the one, true God of the world.

Meanwhile, discontent has also been spreading in the Land of Iron. The civilians have started a revolt against the ruling class of noble samurai clans, who have fallen into petty greed and corruption since the last great samurai, Mifune, died decades before. They rally together as a guerrilla force, but struggle against the better trained samurai until they are supplied with Gelel Guns. However, only Black Crown has the ability to access the Gelel vein and provide the Land of Iron revolutionaries with firearms. The question now is what will happen if the rebels succeed in their cause against the samurai.



Black Crown:

Five Sages

Shinobi Union:

Seven Swordsmen of the Mist:




  • (Shukaku)
  • (Matatabi)
  • (Isobu)
  • (Son Gokū)
  • (Kokuō)
  • (Saiken)
  • (Chōmei)
  • (Gyūki)
  • (Kurama)




Iron Chapter

Side Stories


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