Cursed Seal of Salvation
Sojobo's Curse Mark
Kanji 涅槃の呪印
Rōmaji Nehan no Juin
Literal English Cursed Seal of Salvation
English TV Nirvana's Curse Mark
Appears in Manga
Classification Juinjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short-range

The Cursed Seal of Salvation is an original Cursed Mark created by Sōjōbō after experimentation on a dozen former Prisoners of Orochimaru who also were implanted with a Cursed Seal. The Cursed Seal takes the form of a two-fold tomoe and is centered onto his back. Its abilities are remarked to "match the chakra signatures of the Yata no Kagami".

Stage One

Curse Mark Stage 1

The First Stage of the Curse Mark can be manually invoked by Sōjōbō himself. Removing his shirt and haori, the seal and tattoo on his back will glow and spread along his body. Spreading in the form of black rectangular markings along his face, chest and limbs; the seal greatly enhances his physical prowess. As shown in his fight against two unknown assailants, his speed and physical prowess increases 10 fold.

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