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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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"You can defeat every monkey in the forest and become King. But in the end, you'll still only be King of the Monkeys."

"A kindred spirit trapped in the abyss. Attempting to find a nonexistent light."
— Jiāng Shénzhì

Cáo Dǎiyì
Name Cáo Dǎiyì
Kanji 曹 歹意
Romanji Zao Gatsui
Alias Raven's Curse (烏の呪い, Karasu no Noroi)
Dǎiyì of the Afterimage (残像の歹意, Zanzou no Gatsui)
Personal Status
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthdate 11/20
Age 20
Height 180.34
Weight 77.110
Blood Type O
Hometown Kirigakure
Home Country Land of Water
Affiliation Kirigakure
Occupation Captain of the Kirigakure ANBU
Partner Aisaka Momochi
Clan Zou Clan
Classification S-Rank
Academy Prom. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Jutsu Body Flicker Technique

Scattering Thousand Crows Technique
Hiding with Crows Technique
Crow Clone Technique
Manipulated Tools: Heavenly Chain Disaster
Clone Technique
Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword
Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword: Thousand Cuts
Obsidian Feather Barrage
Transformation Technique
Sexy Technique
Exploding Dragon Strike
Enclosing Technique
Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Killing Intent
Raven's Curse
Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Twin Rising Dragons
Summoning Technique (Raven)(Swords)
Silent Killing
Unsealing Technique
Unsealing Technique: Segmented Iron Dome

Tools Màizìhuà
Yuèyùn Càidāo

Bow and Arrow
Chain Wind Staff
Explosive Tag
Exploding Sphere
Flash Bomb
Fūma Shuriken
Smoke Bomb
Wire Strings

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Cáo Dǎiyì (曹歹意, Zou Gatsui) is an ANBU captain and prominent member of the covert assassination branch known as the Hunter-nin. As a child, he possessed insufficient skill in the art of nature transformation and lacked both the desire and motivation to truly become a shinobi; resulting in his superiors labelling Dǎiyì as nothing more than training for their prodigious students. Some attributed his lackluster performance to the fact Dǎiyì only attended the shinobi academy by request of his parents, who desired one person of their blood to rise among the ranks in a grasp of power. However, the horrible results of his performance caused the superiors to glance over the immense potential within the abysmal darkness surrounding the future shinobi's heart. In truth, he held an immense reservoir of potential awaiting to be sparked; whose embers would result in a light that pierced through his emotionless and heartless facade before creating a shinobi with a determination that has been proven unbreakable. After meeting Yuriko, Dǎiyì gained a purpose and reason for becoming a shinobi and began training continuously while ignoring those who referred to him as meat. He utilized the hatred spawned from their harsh words as a fuel to gather strength as well as the help of a fellow student who believed in his determination. Yuriko believed heavily in the dreams held by Dǎiyì, occasionally watching him train extensively while giving him support. Her dedication to the vision Dǎiyì developed pushed the young shinobi to master his signature Kenjutsu, Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword, resulting in Dǎiyì achieving the rank of Chūnin shortly after. Unfortunately, the traumatic experience revolving around Yuriko's disappearance which ended with Dǎiyì performing an act of euthanasia altered his perception towards life while twisting his once innocent personality. Yet, although he transformed into a heartless murderer, Yuriko's death served as an important pillar in establishing his dream, which now extended to eradicating all criminal organizations. Eventually, Dǎiyì proved himself worthy after successfully advancing to the rank of Jōnin.

During his teenage years, Dǎiyì managed to discover what he believed to be a piece of his destiny. He unraveled a connection to an animal that symbolized his existence and shared his pain. Playful creatures covered in darkness believed to be the harbingers of death by those who failed to understand them. Dǎiyì discovered a connection that traversed beyond a simple friendship; instead it was a spiritual link forged during a past life. Dǎiyì unraveled his bond to Ravens and Ravens, creatures who felt safest when surrounded by the assassin. Dǎiyì began to infuse ravens and Ravens into his various techniques and assassinations, often causing the black feathers of ravens to fall around his target seconds before he strikes. The result created a prevalent theme when referring to the infamous assassin, who shinobi throughout the five villages began to refer to as the Raven's Curse (烏の呪い, Karasu no Noroi). The title became synonymous with the method which he performed assassinations and the assassin himself; and such Dǎiyì decided to name the technique responsible for the phenomenon after both instances. Those chosen by the harbingers of death witness countless feathers falling from the sky before drawing their final breath. The theme of Ravens is also shown where future targets often see three Ravens circling above head.

Either way, Dǎiyì proved himself a valuable asset for the prosperous future of Kirigakure as a guardian of its secrets and retriever of stolen property. His masquerade as a cold-hearted murderer coupled with an unbelievable skill in assassination resulted in the Mizukage personally requesting he join Kirigakure's ANBU. Initially, working along those who caused Dǎiyì to suffer as a child was a horrific experience. However as ANBU place their lives in the hand's of one another, his partners developed a newfound respect for his resolve. Dǎiyì supported his allies during disadvantageous missions by securing an escape route while his team lived to fight onwards. And when faced against unfavorable odds, Dǎiyì often offered to infiltrate heavily guarded areas as a scout for potential dangers. His dedication to the success of his team inspired others and created a secondary reserve of untapped strength. Eventually Dǎiyì received a promotion after years of fearless service as well as an invitation. And such he became the captain of Kirigakure's covert branch known as the ANBU, the youngest in history to achieve this rank.

However, Dǎiyì unknowingly attracted the attention of various officials who believe him to be a potential threat. They feared him as a man who could live in the darkness without succumbing to its corrupted taint. Only using evilness for the greater good, Dǎiyì is an enemy to those who fell victim to the pleasures of the flesh and materialistic mind control. He eventually became a prominent figure in the treatment of those with Kekkei Genkai in an attempt to gain additional support. A truly kind individual, he views the bigotry and ignorance towards his gifted brothers as a self-destructive philosophy. Instead, he openly challenges orders that require cleansing perceived threats based off previously held ideals. He displays his belief by repeatedly demanding that those who possess kekkei genkai and are without family or a place in society are placed in his division. Allowing him to train them and sharpen their abilities while focusing their attention on the wellbeing of Kirigakure.

Dǎiyì earned the title of Dǎiyì of the Afterimage (残像の歹意, Zanzou no Gatsui) from his unrivaled mastery over silent yet swift assassinations. Whereas shinobi often call upon the infamous mist during the savage task, the assassin believes that such a large ability has become a signature of their arrival. To avoid foolish mistakes Dǎiyì not only continuously discovers new methods of hiding in plain sight, but has gained the ability of committing murder at untraceable speeds. Resulting in many regarding Dǎiyì as nothing more than a myth or legend; a phantom or ghost who represents death and claims the lives of traitors. The moniker given to Dǎiyì has become the name by which citizens of Kirigakure recognize the enigmatic shinobi.



Even as a child, Dǎiyì was known for his affinity for ravens.

The shinobi world changed drastically years after the death of Naruto Uzumaki and his fellow Kage. Each village underwent tremendous modification while expanding in both power and population. The world entered a temporary age of peace brought upon by the fierce friendship created by the previous Gokage which was inherited by their immediate successors. Villages continuously helped one another strive for eternal happiness while attempting to forgive their past sins. However, corrupted nobles and tainted ideologies proved immortal. Mainly sparked by the immense imbalance of power held by Konohagakure, officials of all five villages began to gossip and perform underhanded task that threatened the sanctity of previously placed treaties. One of the major triggers was the acquisition of a miniature militia of Sharingan wielding Uchiha who could assimilate various other genetic modifications. The Hidden Leaf Village also possessed the strongest Tailed Demon who, even after Naruto passed, held a superior status among the other beast. And throughout time, Konohagakure constantly acquired clans with stronger genetic prowesses and historical importance without sharing with the other lands. When villages began speaking of trading and intermarriages, Konohagakure immediately became reclusive. Citizens, pained by their tremendous loss, starting to distrust their world leaders who seemingly bowed to the Hokage's every whim. Eventually Kage heard their worries and started to investigate one another. Soon, the shinobi world reverted to it's previous status of animosity.

Around eighty years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, the shinobi nations suffered greatly from corruption and distrust. Originally, Konohagakure was the victim of harsh accusations and antagonism. However, Kirigakure received reputable damage from their previous associations with Akatsuki. Although Kage forgave their actions, citizens of surrounding nations felt animosity towards their harsh past. The reign of the Bloody Mist showed the world how bloodthirsty Kirigakure Shinobi truly were and Kirigakure, once serving as the birthing place of various Missing shinobi and even the Uchiha controlled Akatsuki, suffered from the backlash of their predecessor's actions. The result was opposing leaders and officials not trusting Kirigakure completely. During the reign of the Sixth Mizukage, Kirigakure shinobi practiced brutal methods ranging from torture to utterly annihilating opponents; causing those of Kirigakure to gain fame for their continued savagery. Although they changed their view on kekkei genkai, allowing those with bloodline limits to openly excel in society, Kirigakure shinobi only increased their ferocious reputation..

Dǎiyì Cáo belongs to the same generation born shortly after the grandchildren of the Rookie 11, causing him to grow and suffer during these turbulent times. The Land of Water entered an era where Kirigakure welcomed prodigious children from throughout the Caste System in hopes of restoring power. Regardless if naturally or unnaturally inherited, Kirigakure worked endlessly to increase their military prowess in case of another war. So the addition of Dǎiyì proved to be rather a political accomplishment due to his status as the current eldest of the Cáo lineage. Although widely forgotten, the Cáo family were among one of the first clans to join the misty village. And the sword style they created and mastered brought fear into the hearts of enemies through different countries. Nevertheless, Dǎiyì chose to follow his parent's ambition to join the Ninja Academy to accomplish a dream no different from any child his age. They desired to return recognition and a piece of their former glory to the Cáo name. However, his years in the Academy were filled with constant torment from his peers and even some superiors. Dǎiyì was born with an inability to perform nature transformations, which had become a crucial aspect for Kirigakure shinobi. And although he mastered the Ninjutsu demanded for those his age, he never demonstrated his proficiency due to a lack of motivation and desire. Kirigakure superiors began to label Dǎiyì as a brilliant training exercise for the more gifted children. The neglect resulted in Dǎiyì suffering from daily physical, emotional and mental abuse both in and out the academy. However, His nonchalant attitude caught the intention of a nearby kunoichi-in-training who lived near the Cáo household. During one of her walks home, a gang of thieves attempted to rob a nearby old woman. Yuriko watched Dǎiyì perform a perfected Transformation Technique to scare off the thieves who thought an actual shinobi had appeared. Becoming a gem in the eyes of Yuriko, she started to defend Dǎiyì against his daily abusers. Her support sparked the flame of motivation inside Dǎiyì who declared a promise to save Kirigakure while she swore to become strong enough to support his dream. His resolve proved unbreakable as he continuously returned in hopes of improving himself and actually demonstrated his talents in chakra control during lessons. The two soon became inseparable, with Yuriko joining in his private training sessions. During which, Yuriko noticed the useless effort Dǎiyì placed into mimicking the abilities of others. She brought to his attention that although his condition was troublesome, it provided Dǎiyì a unique opportunity to excel in other areas. Her words birthed a seedling in his heart which he recognized as a completely epiphanic experience. Rather than follow the ravend, Dǎiyì chose to traverse the road less taken and once more weaponize the style the Cáo family kept hidden during their generations of isolation. A master of Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword was born.


A young Dǎiyì asking his father for permission to use Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword.

Since birth, Dǎiyì possessed a love for swords of different variations and practiced a long forgotten style of swordplay passed through his heritage. As previously touched upon, the Cáo were once prominent swordsmen feared throughout the Land of Water for their quick yet precise strikes. Unfortunately, their pacifistic nature allowed the savagery of brutal clans to overwhelm the Cáo families fame. However the Cáo family, refusing to abandon their treasured sword style, decided to pass it along the blood lineage alongside their pacifistic teachings. Dǎiyì had started his lessons when he first learned to walk, constantly wielding the unique swords utilized by his family for ages. Cáo elders taught the young to perform calligraphy with the tip of their sword without breaking a stroke. Overall, those who mastered the Cáo sword style were forbidden to use it in battle outside their small land. Leading to the outside world not seeing the signature sword style since the Cáo family began their reclusive traditions. So when Dǎiyì demonstrated his inherited sword form, Yuriko became the first outsider to witness their ancient movements. When the Cáo elders forbade Dǎiyì from utilizing it in his quest of shinobi, he threatened to disgrace their ancestry by refusing to produce offspring when he would come of age. Eventually, Dǎiyì managed to create a compromise through extensive discussion and negotiating. Elders granted Dǎiyì permission to once more weaponize Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword in exchange for a promise to use it as an elevation tool towards the fame of the Cáo family.

Dǎiyì accelerated through his rank as a genin due to the prowess of Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword. When coupled with his impressive mastery over chakra control and enhanced physical prowess, Dǎiyì brought the belief Yuriko had in him to reality. He proved quite the shinobi, capable of quickly dispatching enemies who were more than twice his size. Unfortunately, his success was rather short lived when he lost the source of his power. Months before the Chūnin exams, Yuriko's mother arrived at his house screaming for assistance and in tears. The local crime syndicate had kidnapped Yuriko's younger sister and she followed in chase before her mother could alert the proper authorities. Unable to fathom the possibility of losing Yuriko, Dǎiyì immediately followed the direction her mother said she left without calling for help from actual superiors. He chased Yukiro for days before realizing he was too late. If only I'd been faster, the only statement circling his mind; haunting his consciousness by transforming dreams into nightmares. Dǎiyì continued onwards, attempting to find any clue pertaining to both Yuriko and her sister with hope in his heart that they lived. Time carried on without word from Yuriko who missed Dǎiyì's ascension to Chūnin after passing his exams. But even while accomplishing several high ranked missions, Yuriko remained a priority.

During this period of loneliness and failure, Dǎiyì stumbled upon what became a major turning point in his development. The method by which Dǎiyì fought had earned him several titles alongside seedlings of horrific legends. He seemingly enjoyed to kill those who threatened the prosperity of Kirigakure. Or perhaps, he hid a sick obsession or desire to kill those who stood against him. His teammates would often speak of the fluidity of his kills; Dǎiyì would move onwards while others often hesitated when claiming lives. The result lead to several teammates looking towards Dǎiyì with fear in their eyes. Little had they known that losing Yuriko removed the safety latch most humans were born with. Either way, the innocent child became a killing machine to those who heard of his missions. During a lonely stroll, Dǎiyì stumbled upon a wounded raven cawing for assistance. Although his parents often told Dǎiyì of the ill omens Ravens brought upon people, the young shinobi could not resist bringing the raven home and nursing it back to health. He spoke of understanding the pain of the raven, a creature whose negative reputation spawned from misunderstanding and jealousy. The obsidian feathers covering the bird mesmerized Dǎiyì, who began to collect them as they fell off his new pet. Dǎiyì decided to name the raven, a three legged creature, Sānzúwū (三足烏). Dǎiyì truly loved the odd bird, as seen when the elders often joked that Dǎiyì took care of Sanzuwu as if his own hatchling. When the time came when the raven had fully healed and was prepared to return home, Dǎiyì prepared himself to say goodbye to the only other creature who showed constant affection. However, the bird released a powerful call towards the sky which summoned forth a flock of ravens. Each looking onwards to Dǎiyì, an even larger obsidian bird seemingly appeared from a puff of smoke. It spoke with power and elegance with a hint of ancientness; each word commanding the respect of hundreds. There, it thanked Dǎiyì for taking care of his child while noting the sadness in the boys heart. To repay the debt, he forged a powerful contract with Dǎiyì which granted the young shinobi a family among the ravens. As an addition, the head of the ravens gifted Dǎiyì two powerful short swords, a pair known only as the Yuèyùn Càidāo.

Eventually, the heavens above gifted Dǎiyì the chance of saving the girl who saved him before. His team received a mission to investigate a crime syndicate located on the outskirts of the Land of Water. Rumor had it, the thief who stole Yuriko and her sister had a tattoo found on members of this organization. Jumping at the opportunity, Dǎiyì gathered three other shinobi and accepted the task at hand without missing a beat. Despite a town corrupted by years of drug and human trafficking, the small village appeared as a normal maritime settlement. Kids played and women sung while husbands worked or relaxed among peers. However, Dǎiyì saw through the facade in the faces of it's exhausted, wounded citizens. He encountered the occasional addict who scurried through dark allies and women, some younger than he, exchanging sexual services for monetary gain. It sickened Dǎiyì greatly and churned his stomach as he embarked on this journey further. Honestly, he cared little for the wellbeing of the town who allowed itself to degrade to such levels. Instead, he took this mission for a rather selfish reason; to find her. Regardless, the mission eventually brought Dǎiyì and his team, disguised as customers, into the syndicate's headquarters. The criminal organization operated under the image of a harmless tea shop. Old women served tea while plain clothed gangsters laughed over games of Shogi. However the world darkened beneath the false shop. Underground tunnels stretched deeply and was filled with addicts begging for a fix who offered any form of payment as retribution. Although hearing someone mention a daughter sickened Dǎiyì, he understood the mission served as information gathering.

Dǎiyì, posing as a customer, entered a room where a few women served him drinks. He of course refrained from drinking and instead focused on surveying the areas and predicted damages. Soon, a rather large gentleman entered wearing a horse-cleaving blade. He introduced himself as the owner of the fine establishment and offered an even better service. Initially, the undercover shinobi was going to decline the invitation as he was outnumbered due to his team splitting earlier to investigate different areas of the town. Dǎiyì accepted the offer which lead to the leader clapping his hands to summon forth a line of porcelain and obsidian beauties. Women from various lands of all shapes and features whose ages made Dǎiyì's stomach twist from anger. The women had signs of physical and drug abuse alongside an emptied gaze. It provoked him deeply yet Dǎiyì remained calm, cool and collected before his guest. That is, until he recognized her. On the far right of the line stood a women of familiar hair whose silver eyes had pierced his soul plenty times before. Despite the years, Dǎiyì would recognize her anywhere and in any disguise. He felt a mixture of emotions ranging from proud, accomplished, saddened and pained. Seeing this as his chance, he decided to decline and leave while silently promising to return for Yuriko at night.

Dǎiyì spent hours meditating, attempting to calm his emotions and figure out a plan for escape. The three shinobi had gathered enough information to report back to their captain, but returning Yuriko would serve as a personal bonus. When the sun fell, Dǎiyì began his silent operation after telling his teammates that there was a lead he had to follow. He convinced them that the danger of traveling in groups would jeopardize the mission. Afterwards, sneaking into the establishment was much easier now that he had entered and exited earlier. Throughout his journey, Dǎiyì assassinated guards and disposed of their bodies by hiding them among the furniture. Eventually, he found the room where they kept the service women. He picked the lock and entered where a sign said Lily. There she sat, barely clothed, without a recognizable emotion in the world. But seeing her still brought tears to his eyes. Dǎiyì whispered her name in happiness which caused Yuriko to give him attention. Unfortunately, she seemed unable to recognize her former friend even after he removed his mask. She referenced herself as Lily and offered her famed services for money. Dǎiyì attempted to snap her out of it but Lily continued onwards, pressing herself heavily against his body. She smelled of death and alcohol while lacking the ability to actually explain herself coherently. LIly simply begged for it and pleaded for her fix. She started to disrobe and rub furiously as to entice Dǎiyì, who stood in disgust. When he brought up her sister, Lily laughed and proclaimed she had to kill the slut for attempting to steal her fix. Those words seemingly darkened the moon, leaving Dǎiyì to stand in an abyss filled with fading images. Memories of Dǎiyì and Yuriko training together, the forgotten promises, the trio eating ramen, swimming and celebrating the Kirigakure festival disappeared into darkness. The one who supported him during childhood had died years before. All due to Dǎiyì not being fast enough to save her.

Dǎiyì snapped back into reality and stared at Lily who was now whimpering in anticipation. Something broke in Dǎiyì who drew Màizìhuà before approaching her. An ocean filled his heart, but the shinobi could not cry. His eyes were dry, almost devoid of hope in this hellish world. He apologized for being so slow and weak all their life before promising to take on the sin and its punishment. He knew he had to fix the situation the only way he understood how, the only way to save Yuriko was to kill Lily. She suddenly stopped, fearful of the blade's enchanting glimmer. Lily, unable to comprehend the situation due to years of drug usage, attempted to scream but found it impossible when choking on one's own blood. Dǎiyì sliced her throat in a strike of lightning and left her corpse soaking in a pool of crimson liquid. He of course cleaned his blade and left the establishment, pledging vengeance on the crime syndicate.

Weeks later, Dǎiyì returned with a rather large Kirigakure force. He personally lead the multiple squads through the town, sending them to assassinate anyone and everyone partaking in the heinous acts. Meanwhile, Dǎiyì skillfully navigated the damaged town for the one responsible for Yuriko's death. A disgusting boar covered in a pink kimono carrying three unconscious children. The pig snapped his finger, calling forth a swordsman who wielded a needle-like blade. The engagement lasted till the sun rose, with Dǎiyì killing the bodyguard. Recognizing the sword as one of the fabled seven, his allies expected Dǎiyì to claim it for himself. However, he decided to give chase after the previous crime syndicate leader, leaving the blade behind for whoever was to arrive. The boar noticed three ravens circling above head as he dashed through the forest. Although Dǎiyì was not fast enough before, he managed to catch up with the pig rather easily. Instead of a painless death, Dǎiyì tortured the boar with a thousand cuts and forced the boar to scream in agony and pain while begging for forgiveness. The pig even tried to bribing Dǎiyì, who laughed maniacally at the offer. The ebony blade of Yuèyùn Càidāo entered the pig's eye and pierced the tree behind his head. Afterwards, a murder of ravens arrived and consumed the corpse completely. Although he claimed the soul, Dǎiyì still felt empty. Perhaps due to realizing that the pig was only one of many who must suffer.

After regrouping, the Captain of the operation congratulated Dǎiyì on the success of the mission. And he immediately sent request to have Dǎiyì promoted to a an Jōnin and ANBU right after. While Dǎiyì suffered from the traumatic experience, he promised to never fail due to being slow. He swore to cleanse Kirigakure of the extensive criminal underground and restore the village back to power. Years later, Dǎiyì gained a promotion to captain of the ANBU and began his dream.



The Mask of Dǎiyì has become a major symbol in the curses appearance.

A lack of personal identification is a defining trait that has served the enigmatic force known as the Raven's Curse. Despite gaining widespread fame, few understand the connection between Dǎiyì and his murderous counterpart. By displaying different personalities dependent on the situation and people present, Dǎiyì continuously eludes suspicion. Unfortunately, forging genuine relationships have become extremely difficult due to Dǎiyì's innate safety mechanism of personality manipulation. However, there exist those who broke through and discovered the kindhearted shinobi known as Dǎiyì. Perhaps his greatest talent lies in the ease of manipulating his personality. Dǎiyì can switch through a plethora of emotions in a matter of minutes without showing a hint of difference. One could proclaim Dǎiyì as the Shinobi world's greatest actor. Regardless of the traumatic experiences Dǎiyì suffered through, the childhood innocence and desire for happines sleeps peacefully. Awaiting for someone to break down the mental walls placed by his subconscious as a defensive mechanism against the cruel war. Dǎiyì inherited a bleeding heart; a metaphorical chain connected to the emotions of those in his immediate vicinity. Their pain easily transformed into his own; resulting in the child crying and worrying over others before himself.

Dǎiyì was a completely obedient child who followed his parents orders without resistance. Although instilled with pacifistic teachings, Dǎiyì enjoyed the art of combat. He gained excitement from challenges, resulting in the young swordsmen constantly endangering himself in sparring matches. Taught the signature sword form of the Cáo family, Dǎiyì demonstrated an elevated understanding and skillful comprehension. He learned fast and practiced harder than his fellow siblings especially considering his natural inability to perform nature transformation. But the elements themselves proved insufficient in halting his progress. Dǎiyì practiced in extreme snowstorms and rainstorms without fear. The resilience in bettering himself to overcome the harsh words of others combined with a desire to prove the world wrong. Although Dǎiyì possessed anger towards his fellow students, he was unable to comprehend or develop hatred. Instead, he simply discarded their words as futile and trivial, which resulted in others viewing Dǎiyì as a child of arrogance. In a conversation with Yuriko, Dǎiyì explains that overconfidence is necessary for someone born different. For when the world constantly strike one's pride, the excess ego allows the wounded to continue onwards. But Dǎiyì refused to grant his enemies enough power to determine his fate and status. Even if it meant the harshest training, turning Dǎiyì into the epitome of perseverance.

Dǎiyì was still a loving child who sacrificed personal happiness for others. He always gave to those in need and refrained from violence. The Mizukage, upon visiting the Ninja Academy, noted that Dǎiyì had the mental resilience and patience of an elder sage. He smiled continuously and gave to those in need. Instances of Dǎiyì refusing to help another human were truly weird. However, Dǎiyì lacked a desire to prove himself to others which resulted in a lackluster performance despite Dǎiyì actually mastering the required techniques. Since Dǎiyì only attended the academy on request of his parents, he rarely challenged the harsh words of his attackers. However, Dǎiyì suffered from insecurities which evolved into paranoia and a constant doubt in himself. Regardless of how perfect Dǎiyì accomplished a task, he questioned the outcome. Yet, bonding with Yuriko taught Dǎiyì that he should believe in himself and proudly demonstrate the skills he possessed. She showed the young shinobi how one's faith must always surpass the faith held by others. Relying on external belief is futile as internal strength is the unlimited fuel for power and strength. Yuriko's words seemingly sparked the burning star within his chest as he began to rarely hesitate. Instead of walking towards his dreams, Dǎiyì increased the speed forward while acquiring friends in the process. Eventually, Dǎiyì started to understand the meaning of trust and self-empowerment. However, Dǎiyì still retained his defining trait of vindictiveness, holding onto grudges for an eternity. He also showed an extreme sensitivity, tending to overreact when personal situations become uncontrollable. Overall, the desire to bring change to Kirigakure was a grand and noble wish indeed, but it also lead to Dǎiyì undergoing dangerous task alone. Rather than rely on his team's overall strength, Dǎiyì would place his life in danger so others could escape. Still, despite the acquired confidence, Dǎiyì was always hardest on himself, as seen when blamed himself for failing to retrieve Yuriko and her sister. The unbreakable dedication caused Dǎiyì to sacrifice hours of sleep researching the scene. Days of relaxation were spent following leads. His superiors often stated that the biggest victim of Dǎiyì's vindictiveness is himself.

Dǎiyì never truly recovered from losing Yuriko, but he never gave up hope in finding her. Instead, he focused on gathering power and becoming stronger until he eventually found her. Seeing Yuriko, now addicted to drugs and a delusional prostitute, in such a way ultimately twisting Dǎiyì's psyche. Resulting in the shinobi releasing the inner murderous intentions he kept sealed deep within. Killing Yuriko without hesitation, Dǎiyì found it impossible to cry from the pain. Surprisingly, Dǎiyì gained a realization of the evils embedded in the world. At this point, Dǎiyì almost walked the path of villainy and vengeance. But the mental resilience fought the dark seedlings and kept them from sprouting. The dedication he held to saving Kirigakure fused permanently with the pain coursing through his veins. Transforming into a hatred for those who deliberately damages his home with illegal activities. Dǎiyì realized that the reason humanity suffered was due to an overpopulation of those with evil intentions. By becoming a demon and cleansing the majority, the minority of kindhearted humans would eventually overpower the evil. And so, Dǎiyì developed the cold-hearted persona used during his missions. A murderer of murderers and tormenter of tormentors. However, Dǎiyì suffered an unseen side effect of losing Yuriko. Faced with mortality, Dǎiyì witnessed the fragility of the human mind, body and spirit. Everyone he loves and will love are heading towards death. He also noticed the short amount of time humanity was given to experience the infinite nature of the universe. Dǎiyì started to regard life as a sick joke, believing one's purpose to be find the little bit of humor in such a horrid punchline. Nevertheless, Dǎiyì still possesses the sparkles of life surrounding the abyss of his heart. He will go above and beyond for the happiness of others and sacrifice his own life to protect their ideals.

Although born to a pacifistic family, Dǎiyì actually enjoys fighting, battles and killing as well as peace, understanding and harmony. Resulting in the inner savage within his soul often conflicting with the peaceful blood coursing through his veins. To control it, Dǎiyì assigns both aspects to a certain part in his life. As an ANBU, Dǎiyì enjoys the hunt and proceeding battle against his targets. He transforms into a true predator who refers to the racing of one's heart, inflicted pain, and necessity for immediate awareness as a few of the many signals of life. Dǎiyì is also shown to play with targets when he knows the success rate is high, especially against criminals who performed heinous acts. He views their weaknesses as the perfect tool for personal practice and elevation. When under the title of ANBU, Dǎiyì exhibits the quality of a trained hunter during every kill. He becomes a coldhearted murderer who enjoys bringing suffering to those he view deserve it. However, Dǎiyì refrains from allowing personal enjoyment to hinder a successful mission. If an opponent is proven troublesome, Dǎiyì switches to strategies and techniques meant to rapidly dispatch enemies while complaining of the boredom of such tactics. True to his title, Dǎiyì's strongest weapon is deception coupled with trickery and lies. He continuously manipulates his personality to fit the situation at hand, feigning naïveté and stupidity when necessary. Nevertheless, there exist opponents that Dǎiyì displays honor against, choosing to confront them directly. Although seemingly emotionless, Dǎiyì has shown considerable restraint and disobedience when in situations that conflict his own personal morals. Going as far as allowing a mother to escape Kirigakure after her husband set her up. When against overwhelming enemies, Dǎiyì refers to powerful opponents as mountains meant to be overcome. A statement that ties to his ideals of becoming the greatest; Dǎiyì constantly claims a fear of reaching a peak. Instead, he prefers to continue growing, even if it means dying in second place. For as long as he never stopped climbing, Dǎiyì lived a successful life.

Contrary to his career as a ANBU , Dǎiyì still practices his families traditional peaceful methods outside of the missions assigned to him as a ANBU. When performing regular missions, task or encountering trouble while enjoying a normal day, Dǎiyì prefers to drink tea and discuss alternatives rather than immediately cross blades. Due to mastering Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword, Dǎiyì is rarely the aggravator in most situations. Rather, Dǎiyì practices patience both on and off the battlefield, awaiting the perfect chance to strike in a manner that ends it quickly. Dǎiyì suppresses his bloodlust during his daily life, choosing to only release it during missions as a ANBU. On both cases, Dǎiyì remains a modest and humble warrior who refuses to berate an opponent until they prove their worth to him. Despite a user of psychological manipulation, Dǎiyì refuses to utilize insults and belittlement as a form of attack. He believes arrogance is earned, and such only boast when his opponents are forced on their knees.

One of Dǎiyì's defining traits has remained unchanged since childhood. Dǎiyì considers others before himself regardless of the outcome. A trait hated by Yuriko, he has always placed his life at risk to save those who dedicate their life to kindness and selfless happiness. Even when considering a possibility, Dǎiyì contemplates the secondary affect it may pose on others. He assures that missions contain little to no collateral damage and casualties. And should such disasters occur, Dǎiyì is prepared to dedicate the time and resources required to help those in need. Although a noble goal, it allows superiors to take advantage of his desire to help others by sending him on dangerous missions. And although he knows it's impossible to save the world, Dǎiyì will strive for his dream of utopia until his last breath. Unlike hero's who desire to remain clean, Dǎiyì understands that he will have to sin in order to save the pure and innocent. He often jokes with Moya stating, My reasoning for going to hell will be to assure everyone else can get to heaven. Alternatively, Dǎiyì despises anyone who utilizes the faith of others to ascertain power or steal.

Dǎiyì's spiritual connection with ravens is also shown in both his personality and reputation. The assassin of Kirigakure is known as the Raven's Curse for the appearance of ravens and their feathers during his assassinations. He is the epitome of the reputation raven's possess as I'll omens and harbingers of death. Whenever three ravens circle upon a target, they are known for being found without a head hours later. However, Dǎiyì's relationship with the deathly birds are beyond a simple summoners contract. Ravens are known as playful creatures who are both social and intelligent. And in a similar manner, Dǎiyì is a person whose deathly reputation overshadows an innate enjoyment of relaxation. He is a playful spirit that enjoys the company of others despite voicing a desire for isolation. As seen with his many encounters with Haigatake, Dǎiyì will sacrifice a day of work to play alongside one he perceives his equal.

Dǎiyì loves Kirigakure above all else, choosing to sin and suffer for it's sake. If it means damaging his soul so others can walk a path of light, then Dǎiyì will gladly accept the task. Of course this love extends to humans in general regardless of their village. He has defended children from different lands and protected villages uncontrolled by Kirigakure. As long as it does not conflict against it's laws, Dǎiyì shall follow his moral ambitions fully. Dǎiyì is merciless against those who he perceive as monsters. He refuses to manipulate loved one's for a personal gain, and will instinctively sacrifice himself before thinking about substituting with someone else.

Dǎiyì is a rather silly shinobi who uses his surrounding comically as a weapon. Everything is a resource for him to use as either a weapon or tool. One of his many personalities involve the gullible citizens whose believably unaware of the situation. Dǎiyì often states that stupidity can become one's greatest advantage over an opponent, leading to enemies lowering their guard.

After losing Yuriko, truly befriending Dǎiyì transformed into a nigh impossible task due to his fear of losing anyone else. Dǎiyì would rather live alone then lose another person he truly loved. The fear born from the fragility of life lead to Dǎiyì actively escaping both commitment and friendships. But few managed to break through the wall raised by Dǎiyì's subconscious and meet the kindhearted shinobi hidden deep. One such person being Moya, their friendship has evolved beyond simple partners and into brothers. Even though Dǎiyì threatens him, the ANBU operatives have demonstrated on various instances a willingness to die for the safety of one another. Often resulting in both jumping head first into danger. Missions are rarely done without both being near one another with collaborations in battle that are considered extremely impressive.


ConIs AHandFull

Dǎiyì possesses eyes capable of piercing through lies

Dǎiyì has inherited the Cáo family's distinctive oriental visage. Dǎiyì's hair is a shade of brown mixed with a black tint which grows incredibly fast. He keeps it hanging loosely with a waist length ponytail falling behind him. The Phantom's hair follows the wind beautifully and is known for being unimaginably soft. Once, the Cáo family patriarch once told his daughter, Your son possesses the sharp eyes of a killer, but the softness belonging to a spirit longing for love. Dǎiyì also inherited lavender eyes said to pierce the soul of those before him. Friends and family often noted the permanent expression of boredom, tiredness and annoyance mixed with an aura of serenity, enlightenment and tranquility created by his eyes. Dǎiyì's eyebrows are naturally trimmed and curved, adding to his unfriendly appearance. He has always kept a slim yet agile figure meant for flexibility and speed. During childhood, Dǎiyì preferred to wear a signature forest green kimono with a darker sash tied around his waist. He was known for wearing a plain white top during training sessions for better flexibility. Dǎiyì enjoys changing his hair style from time to time, occasionally dying it black and keeping it spiked.

Dǎiyì is a shinobi who strictly follows the Shōninki, a fabled manuscript of proper espionage, sabotage and assassination. Within this scroll are instructions on altering one's appearance in order to complete the task at hand. After intensively studying it's methods, Dǎiyì learned to alternate between different ensembles alongside his personality. He can appear as a variety of occupations ranging from a simple citizens to a high ranked official. However, Dǎiyì prefers two major outfits that are used for regular missions involving his normal persona and an outfit dedicated to his identity as a ANBU. Normally, Dǎiyì prefers to keep his childhood interest in regular clothing. He wears a dark green kimono's with a darker shade sash tied around his waist. The kimono also has a sewn pattern on both arms. Although his kimono possesses slight decorations, Dǎiyì exhibits an easily forgotten appearance due to it's seemingly normal design. Dǎiyì wears specially made sandals with metal plates attached to the bottom. Known as his normal outfit, he keeps summoning seals branded throughout his body for quick access to his weapons. Dǎiyì keeps darkened rings around his lavender eyes, making them more pronounced.

As an ANBU, Dǎiyì dons a disguise that allows him to seemingly vanish into darkness. Dǎiyì wears a shitagi covered with a sleeveless uwagi, tied at the waist using a dark purple sash. Below his waist, Dǎiyì wears hakama style pants secured at the ankles by footwear consisted of ankle-high boots, influenced by a Chinese design. Both top and bottom pieces are completely black, creating a camouflage effect when worn in areas with insufficient light. Dǎiyì wears a black mask that covers the lower part of his face. The combination also hides Dǎiyì's identity completely, save for his sharpened lavender eyes. Unlike other shinobi, Dǎiyì wears a specially crafted blank headband which is actually larger than the standard model. His purpose for the headband being to add ambiguity towards his presence. Dǎiyì also wears Yuriko's signature scarf she gifted to him during their childhood. Only his closest allies have connected the assassin, although recognized at his appearance, to Dǎiyì. As an extra precaution, Dǎiyì wears a Katana on his waist and utilizes Yuèyùn Càidāo heavily in this disguise.

Dǎiyì has a secondary form of a regular sized raven achieved through a mastered Transformation Technique. During its activation, Dǎiyì is often indistinguishable from other obsidian birds when they fly in a flock.


Dǎiyì is considered a shinobi who transformed into the epithet of success gained after perseverance and determination. Unable to perform Nature Transformation, a considerable amount of superiors believed Dǎiyì a natural failure. However, the love he received from Yuriko and his sensei served as exceptional strength. Also, Dǎiyì learned to utilize internal strength, a belief in oneself as a method of empowerment. Soon, the shinobi managed to accelerate through the ranks. Eventually becoming an infamous name of Kirigakure and an equal to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Dǎiyì follows the concept of practicing a kick ten thousand times instead of ten thousand different kicks, infusing three simple techniques with leagues of ingenuity. His feats and accomplishments have amalgamated with the secrecy and inconspicuousness of his work. Resulting in foreign ninja recognizing the Master of Afterimages upon reveal of his abilities rather than physical appearance. The name Dǎiyì has become a legend among rumors. Those who see the true identity of the Phantom rarely live long enough to tell about it. When Dǎiyì confronts shinobi from different nations, they often realize his actual identity after witnessing his combat capabilities or stumbling upon a scene filled with massacre without a trace of the culprit. The Mizukage refers to Dǎiyì as a key aspect in destroying the criminal underworld of Kirigakure and restoring peace. Most of the Mizukage's toughest missions involve sending Dǎiyì as either a leader or scout. He is recognized in Kirigakure as one of their more prominent shinobi, a hero greatly appreciated.

Overall, Dǎiyì uses the simplicity of his techniques to increase their power in unorthodox methods. Also, he possesses the inherit skill for improvisation and unpredictability. Allowing Dǎiyì to adapt to situations as they alter regardless of spontaneous occurrences. He has mimicked techniques and implemented them into his own personal arsenal. A product of his unpredictability, Dǎiyì is recognized as a master escape artist; capable of escaping situations thought impossible. A trick to this ability includes analyzing every new environment that Dǎiyì enters. Locating escape routes and possible traps to utilize before battle. Dǎiyì has considerable knowledge of the shinobi nations, recognizing different clans, abilities and weaknesses. As with most ANBU, Dǎiyì possesses an intricate understanding of the human anatomy. Dǎiyì is considered a shinobi based solely around speed, precision and finesse opposing power and land-splitting strength.

Dǎiyì is a highly renowned assassin and an agent famed for exquisite espionage and sabotage. He has infiltrated heavily defended criminal organizations while escaping enemy encampments unharmed. Through the skillful combination of his three ninjutsu techniques alongside innovative mindset, Dǎiyì is able to seemingly vanish from existence. He can trail a target in plain view, actually holding conversations with the unknowing victim while he delivers their final breath. Enemies are told to retreat or destroy evidence upon word of the Phantom's approach. His skill as an assassin is such that none are able to connect Dǎiyì the Jōnin to the identity of Master of Afterimages. Dǎiyì utilizes different methods of information gathering and murder, holding true to the ideal of shinobi. As an ANBU, Dǎiyì believes that the current chivalrous ideology possessed by the hero's of old lead to the Four Great Shinobi Wars. Shinobi use darkness to inflict damage; regardless of the amount of honor and dishonor. If it can be utilized as a weapon against the opponent, then Dǎiyì will use it to strike down his enemies. Of course his own personal ideals as a regular human conflicts against his philosophy as a shinobi. However, his emotional control allows Dǎiyì to suppress the inner turmoil completely.

Another trait Dǎiyì developed is a sensitivity to Killing Intent. Dǎiyì has the ability to sense Killing Intent from a greater distance than the average shinobi. The individual intentions allow Dǎiyì to seemingly gain an extraordinary perception. Should the enemy exert an extreme desire to kill, a unique sensation shivers through Dǎiyì's body. A sixth sense that alerts the Master of Afterimages to potential danger. Even when near situations of massacre and murder, the sensation spawns within Dǎiyì. Only those who can control their killing intent, becoming simple swords, can overcome his extrasensory perception. Dǎiyì also has the ability to suppress his own killing intent, allowing the shinobi to perform perfect assassinations without releasing an outwardly presence. Dǎiyì can utilize his killing intent to inflict vivid hallucinations of death upon his targets. Causing victims to believably perceive the brutal deaths of both teammates and themselves. Dǎiyì also possesses the ability to paralyze targets through exuding killing intent, which serves as an advantage when hunting a particular target. When combined with Dǎiyì's excellency in Silent Killing and remaining undetected, Dǎiyì can essentially halt an opponent before they notice him. Causing great confusion and insanity among enemies.

To avoid identification as a shinobi during daily activities while gaining quick access to weaponry, Dǎiyì keeps his weapons sealed within his body through different sealing formulas. Mainly branded on his arms, Dǎiyì also has formulas branded throughout his body for different purposes. The formulas are also coded to react especially to his specific energy frequency.

Chakra and Chakra Control

For unknown reasons, Dǎiyì lacks the ability to utilize nature transformations. Instead, he relies heavily on his chakra control and shape transformation, preferring to accelerate those skills to frightening levels. By using both aspects in tandem with his physical prowess substitutes the necessity to mould chakra (i.e. nature transformation). While Dǎiyì possesses a surprisingly potent chakra, it is considerably average for a shinobi. Moya compares Dǎiyì's reserves to a cup of priceless sake; its quality surpasses the quantity. And like the sip of a strong drink, leaves a greater influence among the world. However, enemies often overlook Dǎiyì after discrediting the possibility that he is actually the Phantom of Kirigakure. As an assassin, his average reserves allows him to utilize normalcy to his advantage. Sensors often overlook Dǎiyì's presence when among other shinobi; as well as when Dǎiyì finds himself in a room filled with enemies. Overall, Dǎiyì's chakra control allows him to vanish easily in dangerous situations, as his mastery grants him the luxury of being extremely conservative in energy expenditure. Running low on energy is rarely a worry when coupled with his heavy focus on swordsmanship, trickery and deceit alongside physical capabilities and poisons.

Despite Dǎiyì's incompetence to mould chakra to use it for the aforementioned, his previous ANBU captain praised him for possessing impeccable chakra control that led him to reach unmatchable speeds. Both conservative and elegant, he can subconsciously manipulate his inner energy for maximum output. In the art of Ninjutsu, techniques possess a designated amount of chakra required for efficient usage. While surpassing the amount of required chakra is considered wasteful, shorting the supply leads to a significantly weaker execution. Understanding the importance of efficiency, Dǎiyì trained heavily on two principles called conservation of energy and practicing one kick ten thousand times. He is able to regulate his chakra so efficiently that his signature techniques, both initially ranked lowly, take an almost nonexistent toll on his reserves while increasing in power by a few ranks. Paradoxically, he deploys a strategy where he drains the opponents chakra as they attempt to catch him. The biggest result of his unrivaled chakra control is the lack of hand seals required for techniques. Due to focusing on lower ranked techniques, Dǎiyì is able to utilize techniques with a single seal performed on one hand. Greater concentration has granted Dǎiyì the ability to cast his two signature techniques without seals, seemingly conjuring clones from nothingness. Surprisingly, clones created without using a seal are notably weaker, yet considered higher tier than average clones.

Physical Prowess

Dǎiyì has demonstrated a considerable resistance against shinobi who demolish bodies with a single strikeand subconsciously smash boulders without hinderance. Compared to his stature and build, Dǎiyì possesses an impressive durability and strength only obtained through physical sculpturing and meditation. Uniquely, Dǎiyì can imbue his strikes with a considerable amount of force despite mastering an art that relies heavily on single-handed combat. Doing so has resulted in the Master of Afterimages fighting with his right hand while leaving his left free; allowing Dǎiyì to prepare sleight of hands and future traps. The Sleight-hand focus grants Dǎiyì a certain freedom to also launch surprise attacks with his left hand if such an occasion arises. Dǎiyì possesses the physical might to redirect the energy from shinobi twice his size using his single-handed sword style while occasionally deflecting their attacks before cutting through them with a single strike. Unfortunately, although the strength Dǎiyì exhibits with one hand is surprisingly frightening, he constantly notes the superior power most enemies who wield large two handed blades possess. And such, Dǎiyì relies completely on speed and agility to avoid their strikes instead of blatantly clashing blades. He combines overwhelming strength with masterful control over his body to propel himself forward and maneuver masterfully around an opponent; thus allowing Dǎiyì to strategically manipulate the force of each strike and elegantly dance across the battlefield.

Without Bukijutsu, Dǎiyì has proven himself a rather considerable combatant whose strength is still mentionable. His fist can accomplish the feats of the average shinobi which includes punching through walls and breaking trees with kicks. However, it is the combination of incredible speed and agility that transforms Dǎiyì into a troublesome shinobi. Opponents find it difficult to land a successful strike against the assassin whose steps are light enough to avoid disturbing the water's surface. Similarly to his capabilities in chakra, Dǎiyì chooses to maneuver around an opponent until they expend all of their physical energy while conserving his own.

Dǎiyì possesses the natural speed to appear in multiple places at once, leaving afterimages in his wake. Unlike his intangible clones, afterimages created from Dǎiyì's pure speed appear as still images of previous actions. Nevertheless, afterimages are often utilized for sudden diversions such as appearing to take damage or launching an attack from different directions. He has defeated ANBU squad members from different villages under his signature disguise in minutes. Dǎiyì combines speed with obscuring factors, ranging from darkness to mist, in an attempt to defeat targets in a matter of seconds. However, it is when he utilizes his signature symbol, ravens, that he reaches the pinnacle of dangerous. During rescue missions, Dǎiyì has repelled enemies and retrieved allies before being noticed. Even the Mizukage has referenced Dǎiyì's speed during their initial encounter due to Dǎiyì actually scaring the village leader by suddenly appearing. The Master of Sleight of Hand describes the delay between his actual movements and his opponents perception as the time it takes for one's brain to decipher the information. This causes the victim to actually realize the aftermath of his attack seconds later. Dǎiyì appears to know an enemies following action when their body initially decides upon it. His speed allows Dǎiyì to respond at the split second their body begins to perform the chosen action. His refine control gives him the ability to alter it according to different situations. He is a warrior whose unimaginable speed matches an astonishingly quick reflex. Dǎiyì has arrived at locations without enemies recognizing his presence until he makes himself known. During movement, he effortlessly alternates between defensive and offensive strategies, manipulating his approaches during battle in response to the enemies counter. His reflexes allow Dǎiyì to even react to situations subconsciously. There have been missions where Dǎiyì single handily defeats his squad while asleep, causing Moya to comically have to wake him up. The lack of thought requirement in battle, relying solely on muscle memory, deduces the time spent brought upon by conscious reaction. Dǎiyì demonstrates this talent by easily defeating opponents while performing a separate task efficiently.

With Dǎiyì's marvelous speed-based fighting, he devoted his precious time to master the Body Flicker Technique, earning him his respective status as aforementioned. By using chakra to temporarily vitalize the body, Dǎiyì is able to move at extreme speeds. However, vitalizing a body a body that already possesses the natural gift of high-speed movement propels the maximum output exponentially. Resulting in incredible burst that are comparable to lightning strikes. Utilizing the Body Flicker Technique also grants the ability to create a larger number of afterimages which appear independent from Dǎiyì rather than constantly trailing behind him. His extreme speeds and constant usage of the Body Flicker Technique earned him the title of Dǎiyì of the Afterimage (残像の歹意, Zanzou no Gatsui). Dǎiyì's dedication to chakra control allows him to use the technique at full power while remaining efficient when considering energy expenditure. While other shinobi require a seal to activate the technique, his refined chakra control allows him to perform the Body Flicker Technique without the prerequisite. Granting Dǎiyì instant and continuous access to the extremely high speed movement. When coupled with kenjutsu, Dǎiyì can perform high speed strikes by using the chakra's vitalizing aspect mainly on his arms. The transition is incredibly smooth, instantaneous, and inconspicuous. Dǎiyì appears to seemingly cease to exist, shimmering into nothingness before reappearing whole elsewhere.

Dǎiyì is renown for his innate understanding of pressure points and nerve clusters. Dǎiyì can inflict various conditions by striking the specific points. Masterfully striking the target's person can knock his opponent unconscious, paralysis their body/limbs, or cause death when a specific opening is made clear. Dǎiyì combines this special skill with a frightening control over needles and needlelike weaponry. Due to needles being projectiles based on piercing damage, Dǎiyì is able to utilize Senbon as a conduit for his enhanced precision based acupuncture. He has paralyzed enemies from a distance which discretely removed functioning limbs before engaging them. Dǎiyì is known for using his acupuncture-based needle art with physical combat, effectively ridding the opponent of their bodily functions as the battle progresses while also possessing the chance to knock them unconscious in a moment's notice.

An additive to his speed is a completely supernatural skill in agility, dexterity, balance and flexibility. Dǎiyì possesses control over every muscle, limb and digit. allowing the shinobi to utterly control his movements. He can maneuver excellently through various obstacles and alter actions mid-movement, efficiently changing the position of his body without hinderance. He can implement these feats while in the midst of falling. The clumsiness Dǎiyì exhibits has been often shown to be a clever facade meant to misguide enemies. In truth, Dǎiyì has complete control over his limbs and muscles allowing him to further his title as a master escapist. He can maneuver through various disadvantageous situations, keep perfect balance and multitask while doing so. Dǎiyì only falls when the surface below him is manipulated or displaced completely. However, the demon can find his balance on unstable surfaces without wasting a second and regain his balance. Dǎiyì uses his agility heavily during battle, flipping around the enemy in search of openings. Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword is a sword style that relies on one's agility and speed more than anything else. Being a master allows Dǎiyì to perform feats such as standing on an opponents weapon, launching himself off others, and even evading incredible fast projectiles while attacking. Dǎiyì rarely clashes blades against opponents, only deflecting attacks that are equal in power or incredibly close. He is heavily reliant on speed and agility to evade attacks. The lightness of his blades makes it incredibly easy for Dǎiyì to utterly defy gravity, ultimately leading to an opening on an opponent.

Dǎiyì has an extreme tolerance towards pain, actually using it as a signal of life. Enemies that are able to actually wound Dǎiyì find his resilience inhuman. A surprising trait occurs during the rare incident that Dǎiyì is knocked unconscious. Since the subconscious mind has a stronger awareness than one's consciousness, Dǎiyì's body still utilizes its sensory perception while unconscious. This feature combines with a swordsmen usage of muscle memory and repetitive training. A swordsman trains their body to react on reflex in certain situations, often based on sensory. For example, a sudden rush of air warrants them to dodge, while a heavy step echoing outwards results in a parry or block. When Dǎiyì's sensory organs pick up these signals, his body reacts as it usually would. Dǎiyì, in this state, is at his most dangerous. For his body has grown to remove limitations, Daiyi has to set them consciously for himself. Whereas he usually practices restraint to avoid excessive damage or collateral, Daiyi will strike indiscriminately and without hesitation. Dǎiyì revolves heavily around a countering based combat system. As expected of someone who mastered Nineteen Styles of Jade Maiden Sword, he is rarely the assaulter or aggravator. Instead, the tranquil mind Dǎiyì possesses allows him to patiently assess a dire situation in a matter of seconds. And his extensive knowledge as a warrior grants Dǎiyì a skillful subconscious reaction system.

Perhaps the greatest asset to Dǎiyì is his extreme skill in assassination, espionage and sabotage. Although unable to call upon the mist for coverage, Dǎiyì is skilled in the art of utilizing natural factors alongside psychological manipulation.


Dǎiyì follows the principle of practicing a single kick ten thousand times over ten thousand different kicks. His arsenal is comprised of two low ranked techniques, often forgotten by shinobi, progressed into unprecedented levels. Although unable to perform nature transformations, Dǎiyì is completely capable of acquiring new techniques. However, he prefers to utilize techniques that are based on conserving energy and have yet to be explored. His superb control over chakra allows Dǎiyì to cast his techniques with incredible power without wasting energy.

Dǎiyì has gained fame for obtaining an unrivaled mastery over the Clone Technique and advancing it to unseen plateaus. Usually, carefully weaving seals is a prerequisite for creating clones due to the complexity of the process. Eventually, as a shinobi gains experience in battle, the amount of required seals is severely decreased. However, combining a technique of such a low rank with his impeccable chakra control omitted the usage of seals completely. Clones of Dǎiyì simply shimmer into existence around his person, each capable of performing an independent action to further Dǎiyì's plan. The instantaneous creation of clones amplify his swordsmanship greatly; allowing Dǎiyì to utterly confuse an opponent. He often uses the clones as powerful feints or disguises for the actual motives behind his strikes. The amount of clones Dǎiyì can create is solely dependent on the chakra available. Although he is known for creating small numbers during spontaneous attacks, Dǎiyì has increased the numbers during stratagems to gain the upper hand. His favorite strategy involves using clones to strike the opponent, and hiding among their attacks. Combined with his speed, enemies are often given one chance to discern the fakes and avoid damage. Already a nearly impossible task, Dǎiyì increases the disadvantage by performing the strategy in areas of low sensory perception. Dǎiyì advanced the technique further by creating clones of weapons as well.

Dǎiyì has dedicated his time to only mastering a single technique that is above the shinobi arsenal of basic skills. He excels in the usage of Hiding with Camouflage Technique, which allows Dǎiyì to use his chakra to manipulate light reflected around his body to render him invisible while erasing his scent and shadow. Dǎiyì perfected this rare ability as a substitution for the various techniques used by Kirigakure shinobi as a method of disappearing. Since Dǎiyì lacks the skill of Nature Transformation but possesses an unrivaled control over his chakra, he is able to become invisible upon both conscious and subconscious will. While other users of the technique require hand seals, Dǎiyì can activate it without actually moving. Doing so gives Dǎiyì the appearance of seemingly fazing into nothingness, completely forgotten by all. The Master of Afterimages combines the Hiding with Camouflage Technique with Silent Killing to completely erase auditory, visual, olfactory traces. During which, Dǎiyì is said to be at his most dangerous as few possess the sensory skills to deduce his location when considering his overall speed. Although dōjutsu users are able to differentiate the chakra, Dǎiyì remains out of the enemies line of sight while combining it with Silent Killing to remove their other senses

Raven Techniques


Dǎiyì has possessed a strong bond with ravens since he was a child.

Above all else, Dǎiyì gained an immense reputation for the usage of ravens in his techniques and assassinations. He has turned ravens, creatures that view the assassin in a manner similar to a master, into a symbol of both his arrival and approach. They represent his existence as a symbol of death who is truly a misunderstood heart longing for peacefulness. As eternal partners, Dǎiyì is able to summon ravens in various situations for different purposes. Ravens are the perfect tool for an assassin due to being incredibly smart birds capable of solving puzzles and understanding complex situations. Initially, Dǎiyì could only summon forth ravens to assist him during his missions. Since the birds were of various sizes Dǎiyì could call forth smaller ravens to act as messengers or larger ravens as a method of transportation or for assistance in battle. Everything else in between the smallest and largest birds varied on the situations, as the raven's intelligence made them rather versatile. The amount of birds Dǎiyì could call forth and control depended heavily on his chakra reserves and increased as he grew older. Through the usage of chakra, Dǎiyì is able to accomplish feats ranging from creating massive flocks of ravens that blind and overwhelm targets to literally transforming into a group of ravens before coming together once more. He can take control over the ravens he summoned as well as command those naturally present to follow his will. While Kirigakure shinobi call upon the mist to obscure their movement, Dǎiyì masterfully utilizes ravens and their black feathers to manipulate his opponent's attention and disguise himself. They are capable of attacking with their sharp beaks and deadly talons which he also uses as a method of cleaning evidence. Dǎiyì often describes his connections with ravens as something that exist beyond a physical bond. When combined with his masterful control over chakra, Dǎiyì is able to summon ravens with a single seal or by simply tapping one of the summoning contracts carved into his skin. Dǎiyì Is able to perform lesser summons upon mental command by efficiently manipulating his chakra. He claims to possess a spiritual link with the obsidian feathered birds who obey his command; causing wild ravens to seemingly follow the assassin during his missions. In response, the care and dedication Dǎiyì exhibits towards ravens resembles the relationship between the famed Inuzuka Clan and their Ninken.

Although none are able to pinpoint the exact connection, Dǎiyì is unknowingly given the title of the Raven's Curse (烏の呪い, Karasu no Noroi) due to the overwhelming influence ravens hold in his modus operandi. Dǎiyì gained the name after several missions where a seemingly never ending rain of obsidian feathers covered the targets as he stalked them minutes before their deaths. Ironically, Dǎiyì decided to name the technique responsible for causing the rainfall of feathers after the title given to him. His raven based techniques are considered extremely versatile as they are classified as offensive, defensive and supportive; the latter involving confusing enemies and diverting attention from specific objectives. Dǎiyì is known for projecting his immense Killing Intent through ravens as they encircle an opponent or rest in noticeable areas; creating a certain prophetic sensation of death spawned from the murderous intention imbued within Dǎiyì. He is knowledgeable of techniques that allow him to weaponize various aspects of a raven, such as firing their feathers from his sleeve.

Transformation Technique

Dǎiyì possesses a secondary form which he favors greatly for both personal and professional reasons. This form is achieved through an extensive understanding of the transformation technique to create a permanent physical alteration without the necessity of exerting oneself for prolonged usage. This secondary form is also unique due to being able to withstand massive amounts of damage without reverting to his normal form, a trait his regular transformations lack. Dǎiyì attribute this feat to obtaining an absolute knowledge of the anatomy of a raven with a perfected Transformation Technique. Thus creating a transformation only broken by conscious command or a complete depletion of his chakra. In this form, Dǎiyì takes the appearance of a single, normally sized raven upon conscious command. Dǎiyì demonstrates the ability to perform complex maneuvers and reach locations normally thought impossible as a human. His small being can inconspicuously trail targets while avoiding both detection and traps when traversing enemy territory. Beyond infiltrative purposes, Dǎiyì states the enjoyment he gains from flying throughout the heavens with an absolute freedom. Seldom are enemies able to unravel his secret since Dǎiyì appears as an actual raven to those without chakra sensing capabilities. He furthers this attribute by traveling in a group of ravens to draw attention from himself. Sensors who are able to visualize energy locate a bird with a reservoir of chakra that rivals a human. Dǎiyì has managed to transform into a flock of ravens, albeit a rather strenuous and difficult process due to splitting his physical being.

Dǎiyì is also known for relying on the versatility of the Transformation Technique beyond his connection with ravens. Although he is capable of transforming into objects and other people, Dǎiyì prefers to take the appearance of animals to utilize their physical abilities to his advantage. For example, Dǎiyì quickly assumes the disguise of a chipmunk when forced into an unfavorable situation. Similarly to the Clone Technique, Dǎiyì took the simplicity of the transformation technique and combined it with dedication and continuous practice which lead to the ability invocation upon conscious command; miraculously erupting into a cloud of smoke. His chakra control shows itself heavily through it's duration. As noted, the hardest aspect of the transformation technique is the maintenance. Transforming demands a continuous emission of chakra while maintaining the form. However, Dǎiyì's control over chakra allows him to stream the desired amount while easily focusing on keeping the form. Thus he can achieve perfect transformations for extended periods, even taking a considerable amount of damage without reverting.

Bukijutsu & Fūinjutsu Prowess

When a warrior lacks the necessary requirements to combat against opponents using ordinary methods, then one must figure an unorthodox form of battle in attempt of claiming the advantage. For Dǎiyí, his answer to those who rely heavily on genjutsu and ninjutsu is a dependence on Bukijutsu and Kenjutsu accessed through an unpredictable application of Fūinjutsu. While he excels in the manipulation and utilization of weaponry, Dǎiyí was faced with the difficulty an assassin encounters when attempting to carry various weaponry and items during their missions. And while others relied on the usefulness of sealing scroll, Dǎiyí often noted the dangers of misplacement; leading to the loss of one's entire arsenal as well as the constant threat of thievery, especially during missions in unknown locations. His predicament began an era where Dǎiyí started to test the available methods of transportation regarding weaponry. His greatest advancement transpired while away on a mission as a genin where Dǎiyí encountered a shinobi who sealed his weaponry into articles of clothing. This miracle prompted Dǎiyí to further investigate the properties of Fūinjutsu while researching the previously recorded advancements in the field. He stole the clothing, including the markings, from the aforementioned shinobiclothing and taking them to Kirigakure's research facility. Astoundingly, months before his exam, the research team managed to decipher the properties of the technique and replicate it; essentially passing it onwards to Dǎiyí who decided to elevate its usage. The technique, Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation, initially allowed one to seal weaponry within clothing and accessories for a quicker access. Dǎiyí personalized the technique by having the required markings not only imprinted on every article of clothing he owns, but also branded upon his body as a method of further access. Truthfully, nothing of importance is kept inside of Dǎiyí's home; including his clothing, accessories and shinobi tools. He keeps everything sealed away into his being with his clothing acting as a key to further weaponry. The range of that which he is able to seal into these markings range from techniques, inanimate objects and his ravens which he utilizes for swift access to special techniques. Dǎiyí's proficiency with the Enclosing Technique is noted positively throughout the Land of Water as he has used it to seal objects on his being through special tattoos and marks branded upon his skin. Which allows Dǎiyí to seal living creatures, objects and even techniques for specific purposes; unsealing them upon conscious desire or after a specific condition is met. Dǎiyí has demonstrated the ability to use the Enclosing Technique on other objects and living creatures as a method of transporting desired objects or targets.

Some regard Dǎiyí as a Walking Armory (散策兵器庫,Sansaku Heikiko) who has sealed an innumerable amount of weaponry, among other things, within himself and his clothing. He seals weapons that he believe will become useful in any future endeavor, weapons of those he value as important as well as objects that could change the tide in the battle. He is seen mostly favoring his signature swords, Màizìhuà and the Yuèyùn Càidāo among other basic shinobi tools. However, he is known for calling forth a variety of orthodox and unorthodox objects upon situational requirements. When summoned through the seals of Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation, Dǎiyí is able to conjure weaponry without a waste of momentum. Which furthers the usage of a high-speed style form of combat where Dǎiyí sends forth an endless barrage of attacks to divert his opponents attention. However, as seen by his arsenal, Dǎiyí prefers bladed weapons as oppose to weapons which deal concussive damage. He claims to have access to hundreds of different swords at his disposal alongside daggers for precautionary measures. Although a bluff, the amount of blades kept within his seals are considered enough for Dǎiyí to continuously fight without running low on ammunition. The depth of his Fūinjutsu goes beyond the seals imprinted upon himself and his clothing; within these seals are various scrolls which contain more objects. Dǎiyí is known for being able to activate certain scroll using techniques by replacing scroll as the medium for its activation.

Surprisingly, Dǎiyí shows himself as a proficient weapons-user who is able to switch elegantly between the three primary distances during battle. His unrivaled skill at improvising couples with the immense arsenal sealed within both his body and clothing, allowing Dǎiyí to perform actions and feats that appear planned or miraculous. While he excels primarily in Kenjutsu, Dǎiyí has exhibited a shocking understanding in weapon manipulation. He is considered well-rounded in various blade forms and can utilize projectiles simultaneously in an effort to further command the element of surprise. The swiftness which Dǎiyí can access his weapons coupled with the accuracy given from practicing his signature sword form leads to situations where Dǎiyí can dispatch an opponent during his first few steps. While his arsenal has an arrangement from small to immense, Dǎiyí notes that he prefers weapons without names or legends attached. Dǎiyí possesses different methods of battle which include manipulating his projectiles through wire string to simply firing them from both his seals and summoned scrolls. The constant bombardment of weaponry can either cause enough damage to complete his task or create an opening for the skilled swordsman to strike


As a standard with ANBU, Dǎiyì is extremely knowledgeable in the human anatomy, including locations of pressure points and sensitive organs. When combined with the precision based sword style passed down his family, Dǎiyì is able to maximize on the information. Easily cutting through opponents without actually killing them. He possesses knowledge revolving around assassination, sabotage and espionage. As a powerful additive, Dǎiyì studied herbs and the effects of various poisons. When situations change, Dǎiyì demonstrates the ability to adjust and create the necessary alterations for his plans to succeed. However, Dǎiyì never enters a circumstance without surveying the area. During which he contemplates contingencies and possible escape routes in case of failure. The analytical prowess of Dǎiyì is directly responsible for his promotion as a Captain in the ANBU. He notices small details that many overlook, and displays a skill at quickly coming up with plans on the spot.

Other Skills

Dǎiyì carries a different variety of poisons which he alternates usage based on the task at hand. The first of the trio is a potent paralysis solution, purple of color, capable of tightening the limbs of the opponent and completely halting their movement. His second poison, a crimson liquid, causes death in minutes when introduced into the bloodstream by forcing the body into shock. His final lethal remedy, a dark blue liquid, causes death after forcing his victims to suffer over a considerable amount of time. Dǎiyì's more subtle solutions include pills that dissolve into drinks and other liquids that induce sleep and paralysis. Dǎiyì creates gaseous versions of these bombs kept on his person disguised as regular yet color coded Smoke Bombs. He also carries the antidotes for each poison on his person.


Dǎiyì begins his long journey to peace and prosperity in Kirigakure by combatting the criminal underworld known for exploiting the Land of Water and surrounding countries. As an ANBU and the captain of Kirigakure's ANBU, Dǎiyì also partakes in missions involving Kirigakure and it's relationships with different villages and settlements.

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  • Although the characters are interchangeable, Dǎiyì remains true to a Chinese theme through both his given name and blood lineage. This is due to the author's study of Mandarin, as it allows him to practice manipulation of the characters and meaning. Dǎiyì's original name was to be the two characters pronounced separately. However when one combines the character for Dǎi (歹), meaning dangerous bad or evil, with the character for Yì (意), meaning intention or idea; the new meaning becomes Malicious Intent. Ironically, Dǎiyì can phonetically resemble the words for Dangerous One through a slight tonal alteration. This is shown when enemies shout his name in fear or anger. Resulting in the Yì transforming into Yī.
  • Dǎiyì draws influence from various Wuxia films the author has watched, and the author's own personal hobby of Fencing.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Dǎiyì's hobby is sword fighting, sewing and reading historical fictions.
    • Dǎiyì wishes to fight Haigatake.
    • Dǎiyì's favorite food is Japanese Curry served with a cup of sake, while his least favorite is Miso soup.
    • Dǎiyì has completed 360 official missions in total: 45 D-rank, 120 C-rank, 160 B-rank, 30 A-rank and 5 S-rank.
    • Dǎiyì's favorite phrase is yamiuchi (闇打ち) which means to attack under the cover of darkness.
  • Dǎiyì is the first Featured Article of 2016 on Naruto Fanon.