Daichi Miyagi

Daichi Miyagi (Miyagi Daichi) is a Chunin from the Land of Snow. He acts as the leader of his teammates when not under the guidance of their team leader, Katsuo Inihara. He is more serious than his two teammates, and often has to stop them from doing foolish things. However he has shown affection for them, mentioning them to be his closest friends.


Daichi has spiky black hair and green eyes. Like several ninja from the Land of Snow, he wears Chakra resistant armor that covers his torso, arms and legs. He wears a black jumpsuit underneath the armor. He wields a katanna which is always strapped to his back. Despite the fact that he wears chakra resistant armor, he detests using it, claiming that it makes fighting too easy. Because of this, he frequently removes it in order to even the odds.


Daichi often acts very serious. He remains this way most of the time because he believes it helps him to train and that acting any other way will distract him. Despite this, he has occasionally shown other emotions, most often anger, but occasionally happiness. He respects those as strong or stronger than him and follows a code of honor. However, he often insults people he believes to have inferior intelligence. He is shown to care greatly for his friends. Additionally he has a crush on his teammate, Emi Hamada, although he dislikes to show it.


Because he comes from Yukigakure, Daichi specializes in Ice based Jutsu. However, he also displays skill in handling Water Jutsu. He is also shown to be very intelligent, although perhaps not as intelligent as Shikamaru Nara.

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