Character Outline

Daiki is a big and tall Chunin ranked hunter-nin from Kirigakure. He wears dark black glasses similar to pilot shades as well as a red t-shirt and black jeans. People describe him as arrogant, difficult and a pain due to his attitude of looking down at others. He is always grinning especially when putting others down mainly his team mates, Resshō more than the others however he will normally help him practice and treats him like a little brother.


Daiki is a member of team 16 and is the hard hitter of the group. He lacks any respect for the team and often does nothing to help out around the camp this includes purposely spilling water or getting in others way, breaking tents knocking over supplies and hiding them. He tries to make fights as much fun as possible and will toy with his opponents before dispatching them.


Having fire as his natural affinity Daiki has worked on making several powerful fire type techniques. His main move is the Fire Shell Technique. He also has the Rain of Fire and Blazing trail jutsus. He has used other basic fire jutsus but believes any not made by himself are inferior so refrains from using them. Like the rest of his team he his highly skilled in chakra control and has trained up the amount of chakra he has as well as his resistance to heat.

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