Danger Zone
Name: Danger Zone
Rank: A
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Hand Seals:
Range: All Ranges
Inventor: Unknown
User(s): Seika Yozora
Parent Jutsu: None
Derived Jutsu: None

Seika sends both of her Demon Wind Shurikens into the air, running through a few seals. She holds the last seal, and causes a whirlwind to spring up around her, strong enough to lift heavy objects. She then directs the wind with her chakra, using it to carry both of her Demon Wind Shurikens plus any kunai or shuriken laying around or that she adds to it. This allows her to move her weapons at greater speed and with more agility, though with less precision. It is effective within a 15 meter radius, with Seika at the center of the wind.

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