Name: Dark Breath of Life

Rank: Unknown

Users: Akuma Clan Members,

Type: Kinjutsu

Element: None

Incantation: With this spell I give you life, may the motioneless have motion may they look upon this earth like the rest of us.

Description: This jutsu gives life to an inanimate object such as a pile of dirt or even a puppet. Once the jutsu is completed the object will be given a fake soul, preformatted memories of the casters choice along with the other qualities a human would have. The shape of the object will morph into the shape of the casters choosing when first created. Even though it is alive it will not come equiped with justu though some Akuma Clan members were said to have bypassed that barrier. The reason why the jutsu is considered kinjutsu is because it disrupts that natural order and thus causes an imbalance between the worlds of the living and the dead. It is unknown if the Embeded Soul Technique can be used in conjunction with this jutsu.

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