Davis, staring blankly at the viewer, lost in his constant day dreams of porn models lining up for the next Icha Icha Paradise movie.

Davis was that stereotypical bad guy who just can't resist flirting with the ladies with his dazzling good looks, show off his uber swordsmanship by ripping out bones from his body and whipping them about, and surprise the female cuties by telling them he has eternal youth. On top of that, Davis has the most gorgeous eyes that can kill God by batting his eyelashes and lavishly cross-dressing at the same time. He was haunted every day by his elder brother's ghost, whispering in his ear every night, when Davis goes to bed, that he needs to confront his father in an epic sword fight that would cost him his hand and torture his mind with impossible family relationships.

Upon finding out the truth about his elder brother (the one about him being a total douchebag in search for the Holy Grail), Davis forgives his brother for the horrible nightmares.

Behind the Scenes

  • Davis is a parody off of the character David.

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