This is my old fic, that ended, Dawn of a New Era. (Currently, New Era: Densetsu is being written) Since some are long, I posted links. I want to make clear that chapters 1-4 are called the Scrolls of Hope Arc. Chapters 5-7 are called the Forest of O Arc. Chapters 8-10 are called the Trial Arc. Chapters 11-16 are the Final Scroll Arc. And Chapters 17-20 are the Sannin Arc.

Chapter 1: Reflection

Chapter 2: Glimpse

Chapter 3: Transparency

Chapter 4: Bold Barrier

Chapter 5: Forest of O

Chapter 6: Eye-To-Eye

Chapter 7: Generation Ying

Chapter 8: Trial

Chapter 9: Effortless

Chapter 10: Sinister RedRose

Chapter 11: Recovery

Chapter 12: Carnage

Chapter 13: Crossroads

Chapter 14: The Kage Meeting

Chapter 15: Konoha's Shinobi

Chapter 16: Chained Hope

Chapter 17: Twilight Part 1

Chapter 18: Twilight Part 2

Chapter 19/20: Sannin

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