The Delta Akatsuki, (not really called that, its just a referance to the fact that they become the new akatsuki in Naruto Delta Omega), are a group of 8 other ninja along with Ryoku (9 in all) who have joined together to rule the Ninja World, by picking up where Pein left off and also going after other things other then the Bijuu.


Short Term Goals

Individual Goals

  • Ryoku: To rule the world by himself and not share power with the other Akatsuki members and to have the "Real" Seireitou Hyuga join Akatsuki.
  • Reiten: To make the 5 Great Nations cower in fear of his power

Procedure of Goals

Their main goal is to rule the entire world by controling the 5 great nations. Ryoku, the Leader has assigned a complex procedure to succede in their plans.

  • 1: To gain a lot of money
  • 2: To gather the 9 Bijuus, 9 Tailed Blades and the Blades of Absolute Creation.
  • 3: To make smaller countries attack each other (making them request powerful villages, like the 5 great nations to assist them) and use the 9 Bijuus' power to make a reputation as powerful ninja.
  • 4: Have the countries give their trust in Akatsuki by hiring them for war because they will orginally hire the 5 Great Nations, but since no war has been around, those villages cannot make low prices, which Akatsuki will do, making those smaller villages hire Akatsuki over the Nations.
  • 5: Gain political power in those nations
  • 6: Use those smaller nations to take over one of the 5 great nations
  • 7: By using the influence of the idea of war, making villages fight eachother constantly, making them weaker and wanting powerful ninja, Akatsuki to assist them in war
  • 8: Soon, all the vilages will be economicly and power drained, making them use Akatsuki for missions
  • 9: By attacking all the villages when their down, with the Bijuu, Akatsuki takes over 5 Great Nations
  • 10: By using the might of the 9 Bijuus, and all the other requirments, to take over the Lost Lands and the entire world in the process.

Individual Missions for Akatsuki

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