The Demolitioner

The Demolitioner (Demorishana) is a weapon crafted by a famous weaponsmith. It is a submission by Cyberweasel89 for Naruto2's weapon contest.


  • Name: Demolitioner
  • Weapon Type: Ball and chain
  • Weapon Category: Bludgeon
  • Combat Type: Melee
  • Damage Type: Impact
  • Range Type: Mid-range
  • Forger:
  • Wielder:


The Demolitioner is a huge metal ball roughly the size of a beach ball with a long chain attached to it. The user is able to swing the ball around on the chain for various attacks. The most effective method of attack is to swing it around to build up momentum, then throw it at the target, using the chain to pull it back into the user's hands. It can easily crush a regular person's body and deal massive damage to objects, but requires immense physical strength to wield.



By swinging the chain around and building up momentum, the user can throw the huge metal ball, then pull it back using the chain. Though this is the most obvious method of attack, the weapon can also be used as a makeshift shield. Since the Demolitioner is made from such dense, heavy metal, it can be swung around above the user's head to keep enemies from getting close and to block incoming attacks.


No special powers.


  • Gong Swing: Swings the chain to smack the opponent with the ball, using the ball and chain much like a regular melee weapon.
  • Momentum Build: Swings the ball around to build up momentum for a throw.
  • Throw and Recall: Throws the ball with tremendous force, then yanks the chain to pull it back.
  • Grand Slam: Swings the ball over the user's head in an arch, the huge metal ball pounding down forward. The ball's descent has enough force to crush pavement, and would likely shatter most of the bones in the opponent's body.
  • Swing Shield: Swings the ball around above the user's head to guard against attacks. Doing so can make sure that the enemy keeps their distances, while also blocking projectile attacks.


thumb|300px|left|Demolitioner in real use thumb|300px|left|Demolitioner in real combat

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