Demonic Illusion: Great Stasis
Kanji 悪魔のイリュージョン:グレートうっ滞
Rōmaji Magen: Kyousei Chinsei
Literal English Demonic Illusion: Great Stasis
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short or Long range

When preformed the user will trap the target in a barrier, once in the barrier the genjutsu starts. The target's subconscious will be sent into the the genjutsu while the targets body will be barrier that soon solidifies into a crystal sphere where the body will levitate. Inside the genjutsu world, the target(s) are surrounded from all sides by four shinigami, with their mind and body completely sealed between their hands in an illusionary cube of water.Once the user gives the order the shinigami will place the kanji for stasis on every side of the cube. Once this done the targets mind will be trapped in the water cube for life. When the jutsu is a success the targets body in the physical world will be destroyed by a strange force.