• Name: Demonic Illusion: Public Display of Lewd State Technique
    • Other names: Demonic Illusion: Public Display of Lewd State Jutsu
  • Element: None
  • Rank: C
  • Range: Any viewable targets
  • Type: Supplementary
  • Field: Assassination
  • Classification: Genjutsu
  • Weakness: Easily seen through
  • Requirements: Chakra, hand seals
  • Chakra Used: Low-Moderate
  • Hand Seals: Unknown
  • Appears: Kaikinisshoku: Total Solar Eclipse
  • Users: Shin Satomi

This is a rather perverse Jutsu, as it makes the target think they are naked. By manipulating the target's sense of sight, they will look down at themself and see that they are nude. By manipulating the sense of touch, the victim will not be able to feel the clothes they are actually wearing, and may even feel a breeze.

The Jutsu begins with the the target seeings their clothes peel away from their body and disappearing. However, the Jutsu can work even more effectively if activated when the target is removing their top layer of clothes to reveal another layer of clothes. This makes it appear that the target was not wearing the second layer of clothes to begin with, as evidenced when it was used in Kaikinisshoku. Upon taking effect, the Jutsu causes a number of reactions based on the individual person.

  • If the person is shameless about their body, they will likely recognize the genjutsu and attempt to counter-act it.
  • If the person is shy, they will likely go into shock and be neutralized.
  • As evidenced when the technique was first seen in Kaikinisshoku, if the target has an intense psychological phobia of nudity, they will likely break down into hysterics and become too much of a wreck to fight for some time.

However, the Jutsu can be gotten around. The user of the Genjutsu must imagine what the target would look like naked. If they are wrong in their envisionings, such as believing the target to be the opposite gender, the target can easily discover the nature of the Genjutsu by noting the difference in their body's anatomy.

(Jutsu created by User:Cyberweasel89, but is welcome to be used by others)

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