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Descent of the Eagle
Kanji 鷲の下降 (Washi no Kakou)
Rank A
Range Long
Hand Seals Ox, Ram, Dragon, Ram, Horse, Ram
Element/Type Wind
Inventor Kazeyo Fuyutama
Derived Jutsu



Kazeyo Fuyutama

After the required hand seals are perform the user utilizes their mastery of Wind Release techniques to create a large low pressure column around their intended target.  After the low pressure area is created the pressure difference in the atmosphere attempts to fill the void that the technique has left.  This results in a powerful, yet artificial, downburst that crashes down and expands outward on the intended target with a force that could level buildings and trees alike.  Kazeyo Fuyutama created this technique as an expansion to his pressure moves that began with Wind Pressurized.  While this technique would be incredibly powerful against a single target, the preparation time combined with the relatively sluggish targeting system makes this technique more suited for targeting enemy bases and large immobile groups.  Since this technique utilizes natural wind, as opposed to Wind Chakra, this technique is largely unaffected by Fire Release techniques.  When used in a humid area or over water this technique has the ability to randomly affect the weather.  This may result in creating a storm artificially or from prematurely ending a storm that is already raging.

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