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[nil edit]Dharma Power Technique 15px
Kanji 法力の術
Rōmaji Hōriki no Jutsu
English anime Power of Dharma
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Chagama Symbol Hiden
Class Defensive, Supplementary, Offensive
Range Short, Mid,-range
Derived jutsu

The Dharma Power Technique (法力の術, Hōriki no Jutsu) is a technique which utilizes a musical instrument to perform various mystical feats. The technique was used by Bunpuku has become a valued technique of the Chagama Clan. The First Kazekage requested that the Chagama clan share their secrets with Sunagakure to increase their military might, but the clan would refuse. This act labelled the clan as enemies and they were banished to the deserts. Essentially, this technique uses sound waves from an instrument to manipulate the elements, bring things into existence, control others, and can be used for many other things making it extremely versatile. The user can influence these things through the use of Narratives (説話, Setsuwa), which rely on the soul of words. However, those who have expertise on their chakra control can utilize the technique without narratives.