This article, Diamond Earth, is property of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Naiyaton: Daiyamondo Yochi - Diamond Style: Diamond Earth

A powerful and severely useful jutsu in terms of chakra management, It is used by the Kouseitan'i Clan's Diamond Element users. To preform this jutsu the user will first focus their diamond chakra into their hands and placed them on the ground. They will then begin to spread out this chakra allowing it to spread over the entire ground. Inexperienced users will sometimes cover everything within the limit of the jutsu in diamond including themselves often times encasing themselves while causing suffocation which will end in death. More experienced users will know how to manage the coating properties of the diamond chakra oftentimes avoiding coating things such as tree's, boulders, and even wildlife. This jutsu can be used to supply diamond for other diamond jutsu's.

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