Diamond Release: Diamond Locking Wall
Kanji 木遁・木錠壁
Rōmaji Naiton: Naijōheki no jutsu
Literal English Diamond Release: Diamond Locking Wall
English TV Diamond Style: Diamond Locking Wall jutsu
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C-rank
Range Short-range
Hand seals Rat → Dog → Tiger


The Diamond Release: Diamond Locking Wall is a C-rank, Offensive and Defensive Ninjutsu technique used by Shikami Nara. This technique is an extremely versatile move, as it uses chakra to activate the diamonds in the ground and, using Shikami as a reference point, makes diamond pillers emerge from the ground. The diamond pillars join together in a dome-like shape with Shikami in the center. This process can be used to catch an enemy in a double sided attack. Also, in case one confronts the enemy at a short distance, the enemy can be locked inside of the dome, setting the situation for a one-on-one fight. This dome is resistent to attempts to shatter or burn it from the inside. Furthermore, this technique functions as an easy shelter against an enemy's long-ranged attacks, like shuriken or kunai knives.