This article, Diffusion Particle Technique, is property of Seireitou.

Diffusion Particle Technique

Diffusion is a time-dependent process, constituted by random motion of given entities and causing the statistical distribution of these entities to spread in space. The concept of diffusion is tied to notion of mass transfer, driven by a concentration gradient. Using this theory in mind, Seireitou can manipulate the chakra particles that make up a technique and ultimately spread out the particles; this effectively allows Seireitou to break down any jutsu right down to it's core raw energy. However, for this to have any effect, Seireitou must understand the mannerisms of the jutsu he wishes to break down, and understand how it it set up. It appears that Seireitou can combine this technique with the Sarutahiko technique, in order to break down chakra structures such as barriers from long distance.

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