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Dire Form - Mountain Lizard
Literal English Terrible Form - Rocky Hill Lizard
Viz manga Dreaded Form - Lizard of The Rocks
English TV Final Form - The Mountain Lizard
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
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Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
The form of Surein's Dire Form, is that of a spotted lizard, it's colors fantastic and bright. This form is said to be the most agile of the Dire Forms. The legs are made for gripping, and the claws on end add for extra offense, and mobilty. The eyes allow her to also see thermal heat, able to track her enemies and 'pray' with relative ease. Alongside her abilities in this form, she gains enhanced speed, cunning, agility and mobilty. The abilities she may 'activate' while in this form, is the technique to breath a toxic form of gas into the air, even going to the point to burn and melt stones and chakra itself, this goes to the passive poison found in the mouth, fangs, and claws. Making her a deadly foe. Albeit, this has to compensate for her weak defense, and physical strength. Her Dire Form is triggered by feeling extreme stress, high levels of nervousness, and fear.

As most Mushinoiki have a secret to reverting to her human form. The way to bring her back to it, is by saying the words, Kāmu anata no fuan, chīsana on'nanoko, (カームあなたの不安、小さな女の子)(lit, Japanease for "Calm your fears, little girl.")

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