He stood at the edge of the water. The wind was blowing through his hair, the stale, distastful wind. "I will leave one of these days..." Rimi Samanari gazed out dreamily over the fogged waters outside of Kumogakure, his eyes locked upon the horizon that possibly held his future. The ragged cape he wore around his neck and hung over his back suddenly rested against his person, and the wind stopped blowing. The water started to give off more vibrations than before the wind stopped. Rimi whirred around and saw just the barren wastleland that lay before him the whole time. "Odd..."

"Hi stranger! What are you doing around these parts? I'm Ikado and you are TRESPASSING!!!!"

Across the water, a young girl sits in a tree watching the two across the way " This could turn out to be fun" She says as she smiles.

Rimi draws his sword, aware of the upcoming dangers. He snaps a kunai out of his holster and throws it blindly backwards. It darts and slams next to the girl's head. Her eyes grow big as he sense her presence. Rimi keeps both eyes on Ikado the whole time, aware of a battle coming up.

Ikado senses he is gonna have a fun time with these two. " I'm gonna enjoy this!" he says as he unsheates both of his swords.

The girl disappears into the shadow of the tree. With the blink of an eye she is standing next to the two guys. "Why are you boys always wanting to fight, I was on a nice fishing trip and you boys want to fight..." Tenshi lends against a tree relaxed.

"And who are you, exactly?" Rimi spoke in a cold voice. Tenshi grinned. Rimi stiffened his hands around his sword. When Tenshi blinked, he lunged and swung his sword with a deafening strike

Still leaning against the tree, Tenshi disappears and reappears about 10 feet away, leanin on another tree. " I'm Tenshikami, most just call me Tenshi." Tenshi says with a cute little smile "Why are you trying to attack me?"

"How the hell did she move so fast !?" said Ikado while weaving 32 hand seals at an astoundishing speed. "I better watch my back!"

Rimi noticed Ikado's quick hand seals and sheathed his sword. Rimi backflipped onto the water, and without flinching, he formed his own hand seals. "Water Release: Giant Vortex Storm!" Water churned around him and whipped across the lake, lashing out across the ground at Ikado.

"Oh no you don't! Wind Release: Single Slash!" says Ikado while dodging the attack and cutting it in half.

"Silly boys, so cute when they try to kill each other" Tenshi hopes up and sits on a tree branch and relaxes to watch the fight with a smile on her face.

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