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Divine Punishment
Kanji 天罰 (Tenbatsu)
Rank Probably S
Range Short
Hand Seals Monkey, Boar, Dog, Boar, Monkey
Element/Type Wind/Lightning
Inventor Kazeyo Fuyutama
Derived Jutsu



Kazeyo Fuyutama

Utilizing the peak of Tattojutsu Kazeyo forces the compression of Youshun, but a much greater amount of chakra, by suppressing it with wind chakra.  The result is an extremely unstable mass of chakra that is incredibly lethal for targets and highly dangerous for users.  This technique contains such a high amount of energy compressed to such a small size that both random bolts of lightning and blades of wind may dislodge themselves from the central orb and damage the surrounding area.  The only time Kazeyo used this technique it resulted in his arm being left bleeding and broken from the amount of energy it released.  This means that the energy of this technique is so great that no amount of chakra control will prevent it from leaking out and damaging the user.  Despite the downfalls of this skill it is so powerful that Kazeyo passed through several sequential S-Rank barriers uninhibited as well as chakra neutralizing armor before it reached its target.  The technique is performed much like Youshun, Chidori, and Rasengan except it is gravely necessary to hold the attack away from the body to prevent greater injury than it is inflicting.  Warmarshal Ganza remarked as died for the first time that even the power of a tailed beast could be dwarfed by this skill.  An autopsy on Ganza's body would later reveal that this technique shattered every bone in torso to dust and left nothing of his organs.  While this technique didn't leave any permanent damage after Kazeyo's arm was mended and the gashes in his arm healed, it would not be wise to use this attack more than once in battle.  Kazeyo has hinted that he the use of Sacred Armor may lower the damage that this technique does to the user.

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