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Full Name and Kanji Donaku no Hitoshirenu Kage(隠される影)
Current Rank None
Previous Rank None
Age Unknown(presumed ageless)
Birthday Octtober 13
Height 6 ft, 5 inches
Weight Changes at will
Gender Male
Race Demon
Village of Origin Unknown
Nature Manipulation Types Fire,Earth,Darkness
Kekkai Genkai Unnamed Black fire sword technique
Affilitations Otogakure,Demon Lords,Masters of Darkness
Family Unnamed Shadow Demon Clan
Titles Yami-sama(Dark Lord)Donaku-sama
Teachers None


Donaku is the sanban(Third)Demon Lord.Not much is know about his past,except that he became a Demon Lord by killing the form number three Demon Lord.


Cruel, sadistic,and Diabolic.Donaku is one of the most foul and evilest of the Demon Lords.He enjoys playing mind games with his enemies, often unnerving them by pointing out their weaknesses and turning personal horrors against them.Donaku feeds off the misery of his enemies,which makes him stronger.He enjoys watching his enemies surfer by tormenting them with his Illusions.He is logical and Strategic,able to come up with a Strategy under any kind of pressure.


Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Donaku is consider one of the most profound users of hand-to-hand combat.

Demon Arts Master: He has been called a master at using Demon Arts,however he has not been seen using it in combat as of yet.

Demonic Step: As the 3rd Demon Lord,Donaku has shown high use in this skill.

Weapon Combat: Donaku has shown the abilty to transform his arms into blades,giving him a high perceptive in weapon combat.

Second Demon Form: Donaku has shown to be able to transform into a second,more power from. This second body is coved head to toe by fire,with dark green gauntlets and claw-like boots and a dark green helmet. It is unknown if this is Donaku's true form.

Donaku's second form

Ninja Abilities: Although him is not a shinobi,Donaku has shown the ability to use Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,and Taijutsu.

Apparent immortality:While it still reminds unknown,it is rumored that he is immortal.
Donaku Stats

Donaku Stats


  • Strangely,Donaku isn't classified as a ninja.
  • Donaku's 2nd form might be his true form.
  • Donaku had stated that he was the only Demon Lord that could use ninjutsu,this may be a lie.
  • According to his stats,Donaku has no Knowledge of Sealing Jutsu.

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