Dust Release: Sharp Gravel
Kanji 塵遁: シャープグラベル
Rōmaji Jinton: Surudoi Tamajari no jutsu
Literal English Dust Release: Sharp Gravel
English TV Dust Style: Sharp Gravel
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C-rank
Class Offensive
Hand seals Ox → Snake → Bird → Dragon


The Dust Release: Sharp Gravel is a C-rank, Offensive Ninjutsu technique used by Aiiro Yashaiki. This technique allows the user to create a small ball of condensed air. The user will then throw the ball onto the ground. The ball will then start spinning, picking up gravel, pebbles, or rocks. The pieces of earth will whip through the air and constantly strike against the user's target with forc. This technique creates a small tornado of debrie that can cause the target major damage.