Earth Release: Ancient Slab Technique
Kanji 古い板技
Rōmaji Doton: Furui ita-waza
Literal English Earth Release: Ancient Slab Technqiue
Rank S-rank
Class Defensive
Range Short-range
Hand seals Boar-Serpent-Tiger-Boar-Horse-Serpent-Dog-Hawk-Boar
After distributing the necessary hand seals, Kazuo will remove the glove from his left hand revealing a strange kanji, which will soon glow a darkish red color. The words on the kanji will spread all the way up to his shoulder which will signal that the technique is ready. Once he places his hand on the ground, a giant ancient slab will arise in front of him acting as a shield. The slab will appear to have strange unknown markings and will appear to be glowing darkish red, like the kanji on Kazuo's arms. This technique allows the slab to absorb massive amounts of chakra aimed towards it, even capable of absorbing chakra blast from a Tailed Beast. After a period of time, say sixty seconds, the demonic rock will shatter into a thousand pieces. This technique can only be used once a day.

A technique with this sort of power does come with a price. Such as absorbing the users chakra as well, leaving less than half the chakra the had when the first used this technique, also making it dangerous to use with low chakra levels. Another disadvantage is the kanji that spread to the user's arm and shoulder will began to glow brighter and cause the user to bleed slowly and painfully. The unbearable pain placed onto your arm and shoulder will continue to go on for five minutes. It is possible to bleed to death from this technique, so its a good idea to use medical ninjutsu to heal the wounds. For this, the technique was classified as a Forbidden Technique.