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Earth Release: Earth Skull Protection
Literal English Earth Release: Earth Skull Protection
Viz manga Earth Style: Skull of Earth
English TV Earth Style: Protection of Earth
Rank B-rank
Class Defensive
Range Short-range
Hand seals Ram-Serpent-Dragon-Dog-Boar
When used the required hand seals for this technique, Mia Tsuki will gathers chakra in her hands, and then press down against the ground. Then after the chakra is released in the ground, rock will form both infront and behind Mia, creating a gaint skull of earth. This skull acts like a barrier that protects Mia(that is inside of the skull) from weapons like shuriken or kunai, most physical attacks, and can protect her from some Ninjutsu techniques. The more chakra put into this technique the more dense and tough it gets. However this technique is not indestructible and can be demolished.