• Name: Doton: AriKai no Jutsu ( Literally meaning "Earth Release: Ant Ocean Technique", English TV "Earth Style: Ant Army Jutsu")
  • Type: B-Rank
  • Hand Seals: Boar, Snake, Monkey, Sheep
  • Users: Akaari Clan

Earth Release: Ant Ocean Technique is a quiet powerful Ninjutsu used by the Akaari Clan. After the hand seals, an very high amount of ants dig up from the ground, and attacks the target. The most common ways to stop this technique is to burn the ants or drown them. If the user is battling another bug-using clan, it is tradition to let the bugs fight eachother to see which clan is the strongest. If the last said happens, the users use additional bug-techniques to, once again, prove to be the strongest bug-users.

If two of the same clan (Akaari clan) were to fight and use this jutsu, the summoned bugs would not fight eachother, but rather just stand there and watch the ninjas fight, until one of them is the winner. The loser is then eaten, alive or dead, by his or her own bugs, as a sign of defeat.

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