Earth Style: Totem Pole Shot

Description: As it was intended and created to be, the Earth Release: Totem Pole Shot is a defensive, long-ranged jutsu that is of mid-range power level and takes a relatively average amount of skill to perform sufficiently. This allows more skilled ninjutsu users to use the technique at a much faster and more efficient pace, and increase its abilities as according to their own chakra reserves.

The overall effect of the jutsu itself is a physical manipulation of earth and rock to form pillars approximately four feet in diameter and of varying height. The process is gradual, as the art draws the needed material directly from the ground, and lifts it above the surface of the earth, giving the technique the appearance that it 'grows' the pillars out of the ground. These pillars can be produced at a spectrum of speeds, heights, and number, giving it a touch of versatility. Adding onto this is the recent experimentation of the earth manipulation that the jutsu is founded upon, and the findings are that one with a certain level of chakra control can even cause the pillars to grow at different angles protruding from the ground or have the pillars take different shapes, such as curving instead of forming a straight line.

The focus of the jutsu is to hinder movement of an opponent or attack, but it was not originally taken into consideration that the technique is not particularly easy to execute. The 'true' form of the jutsu is an entire wall or 'forest' of pillars, clustered close enough together to make an acceptable barrier but not so close that it would take an unnecessary amount of chakra to perform the release. This is the one major flaw of the jutsu, and has been exploited before. Recently, the keepers of the secrets and knowledge obtained by Seijyu Ryu had classified the jutsu a C-rank jutsu and it would be against their village's tradition and best interests to keep this jutsu from the minds of less experienced users.

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