"This is my family's special recipe soup. It's amazingly powerful and will help heal wounds and recover from extreme fatigue. But how it's made is a heavily guarded secret of my family." -- Matsu Sonokuma

Elixir Soup is the special homemade soup of the Sonokuma family. It is made by Matsu Sonokuma.


The igredients of the Elixir Soup are a heavily guarded secret of the Sonokuma family. However, Matsu Sonokuma has accidentally let slip that it contains incredients from every food group except the meats group.


Similar to the ingredients, no one is allowed to view a member of the Sonokuma family making the Elixir Soup. However, it generally takes all day to make it, but there is usually enough to go around for quite a while afterwards.


The soup is generally served as a full portion in a bowl. However, it can be stored in travel containers for on the go. Matsu Sonokuma keeps several bottles of the soup stored with his Indexed Seal.


It takes on a thick liquid form, golden in color. It is so thick that it doesn't move as fast as one would expect from a liquid when disturbed. Overall, it looks like a very, very thick chicken broth.


Oddly enough, it tastes somewhat similar to chicken broth. This is unusual, as Matsu Sonokuma has stated that there is no meat in it. It is noted for having a very rich flavor.


The soup has a very smooth, thick texture. It goes down easy and slowly, allowing one to savor the rich flavor.


Oddly enough, the soup can be stored for very long periods of time, and is fine to eat cold. This allows the soup to be made ahead of time and stored for whenever it is needed.


The soup is useful for it's healing properties. When eaten, the soup can help heal internal wounds. It does not directly heal them, but it helps heal them by speeding up the recovery. This is useful for a Medic-nin, as most healing Jutsu will only heal external wounds. It also fills the eater with energy, allowing them to recover from fatigue after a very taxing battle. Similarly, it helps recover Chakra.


The soup has apparently been passed down through the Sonokuma family for generations. Matsu Sonokuma says that his own grandmother made it for him.

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