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Full Name and Kanji Emanyeru Kouseitan'i, エマニュエル要素の
Navras - Juno Reactor09:17

Navras - Juno Reactor

Current Rank SS-Ranked Nin
Previous Rank None
Age Body:22 Spirit:1080
Birthday December 20
Height 7' 1"
Weight 130 lbs
Gender Male
Race Hanyou (Half Demon)
Blood Type AB
Village of Origin Sochikagure no Sato
Nature Manipulation Types Fire, Combustion, Earth, Diamond, Darkness, Magma, Hellfire, Kitsune-Bi, Solar, White Fire, Water, Electricity, Ice
Kekkai Genkai Kouseitan'i Clan
Affilitations Element, Akatsuki
Nicknames "Demonic Elementist of Akatsuki", "Dark Angel of the Elements"
Summons Pyroxese -lord of fire-, Foxes, Shinigami

Emanyeru Kouseitan'i, エマニュエル要素の, a demonic human prodigy in the making. A man who's lived a long life and knows all about sacrifice. His appearance throughout the Role Play world is extensive. He first appeared in the role play game, Naruto RPG, since then he's appeared in several Naruto and Non-Naruto related Role playing games. He appears in several fanfictions done by Raleigh08, and KuroNight Hi.


First Body

Birth to 18 yrs Old

Emanyeru is the son of Timoshii “The Darkness” Kouseitan’I, and Kou no Kitsune. He is the older brother to Andoryuu Kouseitan’I (Twin). As a young child in the kouseitan’I clan he was exposed to light to moderate amounts of death and destruction as a child which paved the way for his future jutsu. As the eldest heir along with his twin brother Emanyeru was often times sent off on training trips that would later prepare him to take over for his father which including meeting with the boss spirits of the different elements he possessed such as Aura Training with Grand Master Durama

Sub Part: Training With Faia

Emanyeru stood before the Grand Fire Temple in the Southern Volcanic area as he was ordered by his father. He sighed before walking up the steps colored bright red from the constant heating of the volcanic plains

Growing Up

Around his 18th birthday his younger brother Satoshi Jin Kouseitan’I was born which meant that the time for him and his twin brother Andoryuu was finally coming to an end in the clan home. Two years after his 18th birthday Tsuki was born and a year later Rock was born. As the eldest sibling Emanyeru was sometimes ordered to take care of his younger siblings as a way of spending more time with the family. He often brought his younger brothers along with him on some of his killing and destruction raids on some of the other islands as a way of baby sitting. He often was scolded about this since it was not setting a very good example for the boys obviously. He obviously didn’t care since he still took them on the raids as a way of keeping the boys quiet. He is sometimes credited as being the first to teach Satoshi, Tsuki, and Rock, who even though he was a 4 yr old boy at the time was showing much progress in his training, how to wield and throw kunai. After Satoshi and Tsuki had been sent off on their respective 7th and 5th birthdays Emanyeru’s duties as a baby sitter dwindled slightly because of the fact that he only had to take care of one brother now. His twin brother Andoryuu had been sent away with Tsuki and Satoshi to make sure they arrived at their respective destinations and watched over both even though the distances he had to travel, from Iwa to Kiri, often took him month’s at a time. Emanyeru continued to train Rock in the ways of the clan, often smiling with pride whenever his younger brother had come home with good marks from the clan academy. After his father had noticed that he and Rock had become too close he had sent Rock away to Suna to continue his training away from the clan.

Traveling Abroad

After Rock had been sent away Emanyeru had continued his training often coming up with jutsu such as, the Burning Whisper Technique, and the Supernova technique. This is also the period of time when he created his first mass destruction jutsu as a way of testing out his destructive Kouseitan’I blood. He obviously didn’t know the death and destruction that he would end up causing, but what many didn’t know about his was, he really didn’t care. He began his journey with his Travels in Narmusa.

Family Members

Grandparent: Monolyith Kouseitan'i

Parents:Timoshii Kouseitan'i, Wonda Kouseitan'i

Sisters: Andoryuu Kouseitan'i

Brothers:Rock Kouseitan'i, Tsuki Kouseitan'i, Satoshi Jin Kouseitan'i, Sora Kouseitan'i

Children: Kai Kouseitan'i, Obito Kouseitan'i, Akane (Hana) Kouseitan'i, Aloide Kouseitan'i, Lilixia Kouseitan'i

Grandchildren: Nero Senju, Hikari Senju


Element Team 1

Akane Kouseitan'i

Akira Hatake

Kazuki Shikimori

Element Team 2

Shidounami Senju

Arashi Namikaze

Missions done










Emanyeru's dressing attire consists of a black vest covering a black short sleeved muscle shirt. He wears black pants that are tucked into black steel toed boots. He wears a gray cloak and wears his head band around his neck. He has dark gray eyes and black and gray hair. He carries his 2 swords with him at all times though they may be hidden from view. His normal body temperature is around 285 degrees Fahrenheit making him somewhat immune to fire and heat, though water and cool temperatures make him extremely weak.


He is able to convert his chakra into different forms including a form of sticky chakra he calls glue and another form of slippery chakra he calls "The Slide." He is the Demonic Dark Angel of Death and as such has large black wings that allow him to fly. He also has what is called the "Touch of Death" which allows him to chose whether or not a person lives or dies. He doesn't use this ability often and only uses it when he is on the job.















Katon: Kokuou Kasai Doki - Fire Style:King Pyro's wrath

Katon: Ryuuteikiatsu: Reimei - Fire Release: Dragon Cyclone: Emerge

Katon: Ryuuteikiatsu: Sanga - Fire Release: Dragon Cyclone: Devastation

Katon: Kasai Kuroso - Fire syle: Fire cross no jutsu

Katon: Hiarashi

Katon: Kaen Heki Gan no Jutsu - Fire Release: Flame Burst Sphere

Katon: Yuutename no Jutsu - Fire Release: Melting Rain Skill


Katon: Inmetsu Se - Fire Style: Destruction Torrent

Katon: Ryuuteikiatsu: Orikami - Fire Release: Fire Dragon Cyclone: Implode

Katon: Su-Pa Noba no Jutsu - Fire style:supernova Technique

Katon: Shouten Kaen Tama no Jutsu - Fire Release: Focus Flame Shot


Katon: Ryuuteikiatsu - Fire Release: Dragon Cyclone'

Katon: Kakubunretsu - Fire Style: Nuclear Fission

Fire Release: Flame Thrower


Rank S


A Rank

S Rank



Suiton: Ryuuteikiatsu: Gorogoro Tama - Water Style: Dragon Tornado: Scatter Shot


Suiton: Shinku Tomosen - Water Style: Sink Stopper Technique

Suiton: Ryuuteikiatsu: Reimei - Water Style: Dragon Tornado: Emerge

Suiton: Ryuuteikiatsu: Sanga - Water Style: Dragon Cyclone: Devastation

Suiton: Ijin Ryouiki Mizu Goumon - Water Release: Devil's Domain Water Torture


Suiton: Ryuuteikiatsu: Orikami - Water Style: Dragon Cyclone: Implosion

Suiton: Gachan Hashira no Ten - Water Release: Crashing Pillar of Heaven


Suiton: Ryuuteikiatsu - Water Style: Dragon Tornado









Doton: Yochi Maisou - Earth Style: Earth Burial


Doton: Yochi Assaiki - Earth Style: Earth Crusher



Hyouton: Yami Hyoryuudan and Hakari Hyoryuudan - Ice style: Dark Ice Dragon and Light Ice Dragon


Rank C





Grand Onyx Diamond Dome



Haruka - Remote

Kokugen - Timed

Majikani - Proximity

Butai Haretsu - Elemental Explosion


Haretsu Kobushi - Explosion Fist

Denka - Charge

Bomuton: Tekidan Kaijin Nami - Combustion Style: Flashing Ash Wave

Bomuton: Senkou Tekidan - Combustion Style: Flash Gernade



Kaigara Dageki - Shell Shock

Haretsu Enjin - Explosion Ring

Bomuton: Noba Taiyou Nami - Combustion Style: Nova Sun Wave


Bomuton: Fukabun Jiraigen - Combustion Style: Atomic Minefield



S Rank

Tenshokuton: Shippuu no Jutsu - Weather Style: Hurricane Technique

Elemental Mixes


Sanjutsu: Suiton, Katon, Raiton: Dendou Jouki no Jutsu - Sanjutsu: Water Style, Fire Style, Electric Style: Electric Steam Technique


Butaiton: Sochi Kuroso Goei no Jutsu - Elemental style: Elemental Cross Guard Technique

  • Rank:S
  • Element: All
  • Users: Kouseitan'i Clan Members

Allows the user to create a shield using the elements must have finished all elemental manipulation.

Butaiton: Kuchiyose Juu Youso Doragon Harumagedon - Elemental style: Summoning the Ten Elemental Dragons of Armageddon

  • Rank: S
  • Element: All
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user uses the respective dragon jutsu's to summon the dragons of the ten destructive elements. They then order the beasts to do their bidding.

Butaiton: Kuchiyose Hikari Doragon no Tentou ken Hitotoki ken Yami Doragon no Makai ken Uchuu - Elemental Style: Summoning the Light Dragons of Heaven and Time and the Dark dragons of Hell and Space

  • Rank: S
  • Element: Light and Dark
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user summons four dragons with light and dark elements that have a specific control over a certain aspect. With them he can slow down time, create rifts in space, summon angels to aid him, and summon demons to tear his enemies apart. This jutsu is very chakra consuming and can only be used for a short duration.

Butaiton: Massatsu no Jutsu - Elemental style: obliteration Technique

  • Rank:S
  • Range:2km
  • Element: All
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

This jutsu can only be used if u have extreme elemental control and a immense amount of chakra *atleast s-ranked* forms a ball a of compressed elemental chakra and is shot at the opponent or target. There is no escape as this attack obliterates everything in a 2km radius.

====SS-Rank====Butaiton: Gouryuu Youso Doragon Harumagedon - Elemental Style: Merge of the Elemental Dragon of Armageddon

  • Rank:SS
  • Element: All
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user commands the 10 dragons to combine to form one large dragon made of the Elements.

Butaiton: Gouryuu no Tentou Oni Doragon no Hitotoki ken Uchuu - Elemental Style: Merge of the Heavenly Demon Dragon of Time and Space

  • Rank: SS
  • Element: Light and Dark
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user forms the proper handseals after the dragons are summoned and causes them to merge together forming a dragon that can control time and space. The dragon is very large and is whitish-grey on one side and greyish-black on the other.

====SSS-Rank====Butaiton: Goryuu no Youso Mokushi Doragon no Tentou Makai Hitotoki ken Uchuu - Elemental Style: Merge of the Elemental Apocalypse Dragon of Heaven, Hell, Time, and Space

  • Rank:SSS
  • Element: All
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user forms the proper handseals after the creation of the "Elemental Dragon of Armageddon" and the "Heavenly Demon Dragon of Time and Space" and makes both dragons merge together. The resulting creation is said to have the power to rival some of the bijuu. The dragon has the power to control all of the elements including heaven, hell, time, and space. While this jutsu is very powerful it is also very chakra consuming and shortens the users life span by about 10 years for every usage of this jutsu.


Normal Taijutsu

Clan Taijutsu






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