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""I'M BACK!""
— Evan Herane

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Evan minato
Full Name Evan Herane
Rank Sage
Age 21
Blood type A
Gender Male
Village of Origin Herane village
Chakra Type Mixed
Kekkai Genkai Sharingan
Sharingan Jutsu Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan
Affiliations: Currently Leaf
Family Jasen Herane (little brother)Ikada Herane (older brother)
Curse Mark Heavan

Shadow Clone justu

Ken Chakra


Fire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

Fire Release: Fireball Technique

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

bBinding sword

Shinzui Eye

Sharingan style: Triple Chidori Shuriken


A Very out going kid, although he is the sage of Yamagakure 2 his personality has stayed the same. Evan is never afraid of what people think, being one of the reasons he acts like a nut case at times. He's playful, he enjoys the heat of battle, and no one can change what he thinks about something. Evan sometimes gets really exited by the small things, which can be a major annoyance to anyone around him. He makes friends with anyone, and is always on the look out for a challenge


As a little boy Evan was talented, he had graduated from the Academy in under a year. During his stay he made no close friends except for his friend Mathel who went missing. When he graduated His master started to teach him Shadow Clone Justu, his master thought it would take a month, Evan learned it in a week. Learning other justu like his clans special Sharingan, he was Proving to be very talented. So much that the elders chose him for the Guardian ceremony. The Guardian ceremony is were Eyiba is transferred from the previous host to the next. As the ceremony began, Evan lost control of himself. His chakra clashed with Eyiba's, causing him to lose control. His mind was scrambled, he mistaked friend for foe he went wild killing everyone he knew.

When he regained consciousness, he was in the clan's main hall with dead bodies all around, Evan ran crying into the woods. When he realized were he was he started to panic. Roaming around finding food and basically surviving he developed senses far beyond normal. While training in the woods he taught himself how to control lightning, and fire. After a long year he had become stronger finding new ways to find food, and fight. Eventually he found the hidden leaf village, the medical ninja came at once.


As it is revised, the story of Evan Herane no longer puts him at the mercy of the tragic killing of his clan. He is, instead, a wanderer looking for a place for his clan to settle as their new home after the conquest of their old. Joined only by his village's guardian, Evan's goal is to find or make a peace that his people can take refuge in. His abilities are mysterious, and seem to be tied deeply with the guardian that travels with him.