Exiled-nin (追放された, boumeinin, English TV "Exiled Ninja") a variation of Missing-Nin, are ninjas expelled from their villages, commonly for political reasons. Exiled-nin are different from the more common Missing-Nin, though are still indescriminantly included within many variations of Bingo Books, in that the villages do not take an active role in tracking down and hunting them. Having been sentenced out of the village by trial, Exiled-Nin are exempt from the brutal handling of Missing-Nin and live a meager, but safe, existences elsewhere.

The peculiar case with Exiled-Nin is that though removed from the village, they are not considered full fledged criminals. That is because the exile was determined by lawful trials which turn out to the ninja's favor, as the second likely outcome would be death. In establishing this, it is made apparent that though the Exiled-Nin is forced out of the village, they are still considered allied to the village to a degree and thus do not live unlawful lives.

Peculiar yet cases include those in which the village's military is involved or exiles made by clansmen. These are rare, but still hold similar validity to Exiled-Nin of the village.

some Exiled-nin would choose become a shinobi from another village but naturally this won't cause them to become an Missing-nin

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