This article, Exploding Palm, is property of Kouseitan'i Clan.

Exploding Palm
Name Kibaku Hirate - Exploding Palm
Rank B
Range Short
Element Combustion
Clan Kouseitan'i Clan
Inventor Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
Users Kouseitan'i Clan
Different Forms

The exploding palm's style is a variation of the exploding fists style. It is usually began when the user slides into a similar stance as the Hyuuga Clan Juuken. The user then focuses their chakra into their palms and converts it into a combustion type making it highly dangerous to concentrate in one area of the body.

The essential attack begins when the user leaps towards the opponent striking them on the skin. The hits itself don't seem to hurt the opponent making them become overconfident. This gives the user the chance to land more blows upon the opponents skin as they take to the idea that the hits don't hurt. The chakra itself lays just under the skin where the hits occur. The user can then activate the chakra with a simple chakra infused snap or clap activating the chakra causing it to explode and blow the opponent to pieces.