This article, Extension of Totsuka, is property of Shiro of the Outer Path.

Extension of Totsuka
Extension of Totsuka
Literal English Extension of Totsuka
English TV Totsuka Extending Blade
Classification Kenjutsu, Wind Release
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
"Close-Medium" is not in the list of possible values (Short, Mid, Long) for this property.

Shūha's strongest and trump technique, in which Shūha will gather a massive chakra source around his nodachi. The chakra will pour out taking the shape of a large spirit sword. After gathering the chakra, Shūha will compact it together giving it a normal katana like shape with a large red guard. The Extension of Totsuka has incredible cutting ability and can channel wind element chakra through it. Shūha has shown to extend it over 2km outward, being able to pierce into a mountain with one strike. Shūha has shown to create this technique during his youth, coming in contact with chakra for the first time.

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