The wait

Jake The only Surviver of his Clan waited in the mountains for his enemies, It was a clash of clans and Jake stould ready with only his attack body.

"Your Late"

"Your Late," Chiyo said whimsically. "That's not a good sign for you".

"Sign?" Jake was behind Chiyo, "What do you know of the word?" Jake kicked him forward to his water body, "Shall we begin?" Both of him said


"If you insist. I'll let you make the first move," Chiyo murmured confidently.

"Your bad" Jake said from both bodies. Jakes attack body used Shinra Tensei to blow Chiyo straight in the air and before he could blink Jake was above him and slammed him down to his water body with Kentou and Chiyo fell onto the water bodies bone blade and it went straight through his heart.

In the distant forest, Chiyo hung upsidedown from a tall cyspress staring at the site before her. She could not surpress a laugh. "He is good. Possibly even talented," she whispered. "But he is young and naive. Did he honestly think I would play fair, now did he?".

Jakes gravity body was above her,"Young?" He asked blowing her to the ground with Shinra Tensei "You dont know me at all." He then began to beat her into the ground sending blood eveywhere.

A kick from behind, sent Jake flying. "You should listen to my sister. She's always right," Nikku advised."After all, you are young compared to her".

All three Jakes stould behind them, "You dont know me at all do you?" All of them said, Black Hell activated, "This fight was over when you let me make the first move." Jake said summoning all seven bodies to the field.

"Well? Aren't you the cocky one," Nikku sneered. "Do your worst. The Chuukou Clan is ready for you".

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